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Marketers and Mentoring: A Tradition Worth Honoring

April 14, 2015


Most CMOs I know are big proponents of giving back. They’ve reached the top of their careers and while there is still much more to learn and to do, they’ve reached the point of introspection to understand what really matters. People matter. Paying it forward matters. CMOs have a lot to share through the successes, failures and experimentation of long careers.

Each of us remembers mentors who’ve impacted our professional and personal growth. Those who came before us and who took the time to share their experiences, provide the honest, and sometimes hard to hear, feedback that made us the marketers we are today.  Successful CMOs believe deeply in mentoring.

While important it can be difficult to spend the time we would like on mentoring. The ‘busy’-ness of business is firing an all-out assault on the time-honored art of mentoring.   The CMO Club is helping its members supplement their mentoring efforts through The Future CMO Club.

Future CMO ClubThe Future CMO Club launched at the Spring Summit

On March 25, The CMO Club welcomed its’ first group of Future CMOs (FCMOs) to the Innovation Summit in New York. Active members were asked to nominate marketers whom they were committed to mentor and grow. The group of men and women who attended had the opportunity to meet their peers as well as interact with some of the most senior marketers in the world.

FCMO Mission Statement

The Future CMO Club is the go-to center for marketers to learn and be inspired from the world’s most engaged community of Senior Marketing Executives. Marketers receive exclusive access to the wisdom of The CMO Club members through invitation-only events and content. Our mission is to grow the competencies and confidence of tomorrow’s marketing leaders and elevate our collective craft of marketing for the future. The CMO Club Members share experiences and mentor marketers in a candid, trusted and open environment.

Creating Credibility with your CMO Session

While at the Summit, FCMOs attended a session entitled “Creating Credibility with your CMO”. During the session, attendees discussed the top ways to effectively stand out (in a positive way), contribute to the team’s success and achieve career success. Here are some key takeaways from that discussion:

Know Your Stuff

  • Know the vision.  Be the bridge to the organization for your CMO.
  • Think like a customer. Know the brand.
  • Think like an investor. Know the numbers.

The “Hot Shot Rule”

  • Know the difference between doing and accomplishing.  Be known for identifying and attacking the big problems.
  • Properly frame every conversation.  What is it? Why should CMO care? How will it help customer, brand, company, CMO? How can it be measured?
  • Present your case with strong informed opinions and research.

Manage Yourself and Your Career

  • Evolve yourself to the need.  Leverage trends. Use agile thinking.
  • Know your wins and merchandise them. Practice self-care.  Take a break.
  • Be human. Say thank you. Give feedback. Challenge them. Own up.

The Future of the Future CMO Club

The first-ever Future CMO Club was the best possible peer-to-peer learning environment as Future CMO Club member learned from each other and from The CMO Club Mentors. Nominated marketers reported they could not wait to get back to the office to share what they learned with their team members. The result was a great Mentoring Ripple Effect. May the time-honored art of Mentoring live on!

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