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This Week in Marketing: Keeping CMOs in the Know

Averi Melcher
December 01, 2016


As the year comes to a close, we get a taste of what’s to come in 2017. Hint: marketing is going to be about all the senses. With VR claiming many a headline this year, Youtube’s 360-degree videos gaining in popularity and digital assistants like Amazon Echo becoming a staple in today’s households, there’s no doubt that we are interacting with technology in ways we never would have imagined just a couple years ago.

Where do brands play into all this? With their own creative storytelling ingenuity and adaptability.

Here are five marketing headlines that caught our attention this week:

  • Monday was the largest e-commerce day in history. Consumers spent nearly $3.4 billion online – with 53% of all traffic coming from smartphones and tablets. Marketing Land shared more stats from this year’s Cyber Monday.
  • The uncharted territory of influencer marketing is becoming standardized. ROI Influencer Media now provides brands with programmatic ad-buying for social influencers, using a CPM model to guarantee views and increase conversions. Read more on Adweek.
  • Brands know consumers have short attention spans, but some were alarmed when Snapchat data revealed the average ad is watched for 2.5 seconds. Not long for a first impression, but eye-tracking technology found their ads command more attention than those on competing platforms. Ad Age compared the stats, here.
  • Humanizing data is the sweet spot that lies at the intersection of Big Data and personalized marketing. Spotify aced it, giving us all a source of inspiration in their latest outdoor ads. Click here to view the campaign.
  • Binge watching is no longer tied to a wifi connection: Netflix launched off-line watching this week, announcing it right as we all get ready to travel for the holidays and were wondering whether to opt for in-flight entertainment. Another competitor? Amazon prime. Read more on the matter at Tech Crunch.
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