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This Week in Marketing: Keeping CMOs in the Know

Mariah Taylor
July 20, 2016


Sometimes surviving in the advertising world means making ad deals with unexpected parters. Often it means embracing the latest trends (Pokémon Go, anyone?). But the rules to surviving never remain stagnant. This week’s marketing news shows us that achieving successful marketing comes in many forms, and some social networks are doing it better than others.

These are the top five stories we’re sharing this week:

  • In the midst of Tumblr’s plummeting ad sales, the social media platform’s parent company, Yahoo, has struck an ad deal with an unlikely partner: Facebook. As Marketing Land points out, Tumblr has made one last attempt try and boost struggling ad sales with the help of Facebook’s ad network and Yahoo’s own traditional banner ads. Things aren’t looking great, but keep your chin up, Tumblr; there might still be hope.
  • Snapchat, on the other hand, continues to make headway in the advertising world. As Popular Science reports, the social network appears to be creating an ad-overlay system capable of turning snaps into advertisements. The patented technology recognizes the products you’re snapping and serves you ads based on those photos. Snapping photos of your sushi at happy hour? You might expect ads from the most up-and-coming sake companies.
  • If you’ve been active in the real world for even a second lately, you’ve noticed crowds of people running the streets trying to catch Pokémon and draining their smart phone batteries in the process. According to this article in AdAge, SoftBank CEO, Masayoshi Son, sees this as an opportunity to invest in better chip technology. Son has bought IP supplier, ARM, for $32 billion, hoping that the company’s chips technology will be enough to keep driverless cars running and citizens catching Pokémon with lower blows to battery life.
  • According to Adweek, United Airlines is using two really cool features in their new ad campaign: Virtual Reality and Matt Damon. In support of their new ritzy business class called Polaris, United joined with digital creative studio Thinkingbox to produce a 360-degree, 3-D virtual tour of new features, which include lobster dishes and Saks Fifth Avenue sheets. And, of course, all of this is voiced over by Mr. Damon himself.
  • Speaking of Virtual Reality, Jack in the Box is also turning to the technology to promote Jack’s Brewhouse Bacon Burger. As MAW describes, the ad campaign consists of a short VR film giving consumers what the company calls “an immersive experience” of the fast food item. VR advertising is certainly becoming more prevalent in consumerism, and it’s not just for fancy flight ads.
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