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This Week in Marketing: Keeping CMOs in the Know

Mariah Taylor
August 18, 2016


Ambition is imperative to staying relevant within the marketing world. With Airbnb expanding their horizons (and ours), ReFUEL4 taking on the enormous task of alleviating “ad fatigue,” and AmBev boldly bringing back the souvenir cup, this week’s marketing news shows us that ambitious advertising is what gets coverage.

  • According to Marketing Land, Google just launched a new video-calling app called Duo. An intriguing aspect of this Facetime competitor is its “Knock Knock” feature, which allows users to see live video of their callers before answering – like looking through your door’s peep-hole before committing to social interactions!
  • Airbnb moves forward with a new app set to unveil in November. As AdAge points out, the app will include more travel services like restaurant reservations and city tours. It looks like traveling with Airbnb might get even easier than before.
  • A new AI guided advertising product looks to alleviate “ad fatigue.” The product, by ReFUEL4, was created with the intention to give smaller businesses (ones that are less likely to invest in advertising) access to 10,000 multimedia designers from around the world. Read more, on MarketingTech.
  • It’s a staple at any major athletic event: the souvenir cup. And, as BloombergMarkets reports, Brazilian brewing company AmBev has capitalized on its popularity, selling Skol cups with graphics representing different Olympic sports. Consumers are encouraged to buy all 42 kitschy cups and are drinking a whole lot of beer in the process. Well played, AmBev.
  • As confirmed by Business Insider, Univision will buy Gawker Media for $135 million. So, sit back and watch the rebranding of Gawker unfold. The process should be interesting considering that Univision’s media enterprise, Fusion, is one of many establishments that has been publicly insulted by Gawker.
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