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This Week in Marketing: Keeping CMOs in the Know

Averi Melcher
September 15, 2016


Data isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact – hold on tight – because words like ‘artificial intelligence,’ ‘facial recognition’ and ‘brainwave analysis’ are about to become a lot more mainstream in your day-to-day life. As the world of data analytics is constantly evolving, companies are realizing new tech solutions at an ever-increasing rate. And they are pretty amazing.

Here are our top five stories of the week:

  • Scrambling to optimize your extended text ads? Looks like you can relax. Google announced Tuesday that the deadline to transition away from traditional text ads has been pushed back to Jan. 31, 2017. Which gives your SEO and SEM teams plenty of time to focus on all the other quiet updates going on. Search Engine Land gives you the details.
  • When you already have 150 million users, what’s next? For everyone’s filter-loving brand, it’s Europe. With almost one-third of their users logging in from overseas, Snapchat told Adweek they’ve set their sights on the next frontier and are giving European brands a crash course in Snap Ads. Only time will tell which savvy social media companies jump on the bandwagon next.
  • Datorama is on a mission to centralize your siloed data with AI. The Tel Aviv-based tech company recently released its plan to use $32M in new funding to accelerate artificial intelligence and change the game of data and analytics forever. That’s a tall order, but the global brand is no stranger to creating seamless marketing integration for top marketers. Read more on Yahoo.
  • Brainwave analysis from Neilsen, facial recognition from Affectiva and music data analysis from Moodagent now have something in common. These futuristic-sounds terms are three parts of the multilayered biometric measuring solution for online video that was recently released by Unruly. This comes at a time that consumers are responding to more emotionally-charged ads, but marketers have a hard time quantifying them. Now, Unruly has the answer. Learn all about it on Marketing Land.
  • Google Analytics 360 gets an update – and the new version includes Rollup Reporting and Ownership Managment, catering to brands who have several web properties and have third-party data analysts. Read more on their blog, here.
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