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This Week in Marketing: Keeping CMOs in the Know

Sarah Grindeland
September 29, 2016


Video advertising is (not surprisingly) taking over the web. SpaceX and Jeep both revealed new viral videos, and Facebook video ad sales just keep growing. Fun twist: the Wall Street Journal reports that their video metrics have been inaccurate for the past two years.

Here are our top five stories of the week:

  • According to the WSJ, Facebook has been overestimating average time spent viewing videos by up to 80% for two years before fixing the error. Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite social media pastime announced that more than 4 million brands use Facebook, with 20% buying video ads. Their next focus? Getting brands to focus less on impressions, likes, and clicks, and find the metrics that drive business outcomes. Read some stats, here.
  • Twitter now lets advertisers decide whether they want their ads to simply get people to visit their sites or to specifically visit their sites and perform a specific action that leads to conversions. This gives brands new insights into website clicks and ad ROI. Read more on Marketing Land.
  • Meerkat built a new app in secret, and almost 1 million people are using it: One of the companies that introduced live video streaming to the world now has what they call a synchronous social network. Houseparty allows users to video chat with multiple friends at one time and is a place to be together even when they’re apart. Read more about the app on The Verge.
  • In more futuristic news, Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, revealed its first ad of their plan to get humans to Mars. The estimated cost of developing the rocket in Musk’s design would be a cool $10 billion over the next several years. Read more about the plans and watch the video, here.
  • Jeep got in on the presidential debate action Monday night. Their platform? Unity. The ad they aired featured people with different political persuasions and lifestyles, highlighting to viewers that “what unites us is stronger than what divides us.” Watch the advertisement and read more about the message behind it, on Creativity Online.
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