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This Week in Marketing: Keeping CMOs in the Know

Sarah Grindeland
October 19, 2016


New technology is taking over marketing news this week. It’s all about the tech that is propelling us into the future of augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, Google releases a new and improved Android smartphone, conveniently after the Samsung Note 7 recall.

Here are our top five stories this week:

  • Google’s new smartphone, the Pixel, arrived in stores Thursday. It is Google’s first brand name smartphone and, according to the New York Times, it’s mediocre. In comparison to Apple’s iPhone 7, it’s slower, the pictures are not as clear, and the built-in AI assistant is no more advanced than Siri. But hey, it won’t burn your house down.
  • For those of you that DO have a Samsung Note 7, you can now exchange it at the airport for a different device. Samsung has set up exchange booths in airports around the world, hoping to prevent users from bringing the device onto airplanes. There are still 1 million devices in use, so make sure you exchange your potentially explosive device before stepping on board. Read more about the recall on The Verge.
  • Augmented reality (not virtual reality) is the technology of the future for marketers. Apple CEO, Tim Cook predicted earlier this month that VR is not going to be as big as AR. Although VR can be an incredible marketing tactic to hook your consumer, the cost to produce almost defeats the purpose. Only 6% of Americans will own a VR headset this year compared to the 93% expected to own a smartphone. Plus, AR has already been proven with Snapchat and other big name companies. Read more on Marketing Dive, here.
  • Smartphones are out. It’s all about having a Smart Home. Wink just recently released a new smart home hub. This sleek device allows users to easily control all these devices from the Hub 2 with an app. It is a user-friendly way to stay connected throughout your home and shows how consumers are continuing to use technology to enhance their quality of life.
  • Is all this artificial intelligence overwhelming to you? Tech guru Tim O’Reilly says it’s the future of work (and marketing), and it’s already happening. But, instead of replacing team members, AI it is improving their ability to reach customers in new ways. Read more about O’Reilly’s thoughts, here.
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