Salesforce + The CMO Club Logo

We’re pleased to announce that The CMO Club is now part of Salesforce!

What’s the value of access and visibility to CMO peers that have recent success and expertise solving the exact challenges you are trying to solve?

One of the major benefits of CMO Club membership leverages the value of peer support for problem solving. Every member within their member profile has the ability to identify 2-3 top challenges along with 2-3 areas of recent success and experience. Members then have the ability to search and share with those that have the expertise they need to help them solve their challenges and benefit from others expertise and experience.

In addition, you can work with others having the same challenges to solve their problem together.

– Achieving Marketing Investment and Mix Optimization
– Aligning and Delivering Brand Purpose and Mission Driven Brands
– Building Community Around your Brand
– Building High Impact Internal Agency Function
– Creating Customer-Centric Company Culture
– Creating Highly Effective and Agile Teams
– Delivering and Communicating Marketings Value to the Organization
– Delivering More Creativity and Effective Story Telling
– Designing New Organization Structure in Era of Change
– Differentiating and Improving Content Marketing Effectiveness
– Effective Integration of Mergers and Acquisitions
– Implementing Account Based Marketing and Sales (ABM)
– Implementing Measurements for Improved Accountability
– Improving Experiential and Event Engagement and ROI
– Improving Personal Branding & Career Success
– Improving Personalization and Customer Knowledge
– Improving Relationships with CEO, C-Suite, and Board
– Leading Company Wide Business Transformation
– Leading Company Wide Digital Transformation
– Leading Effective Global Marketing Organization
– Leveraging Analytics and Insights for Marketing Success
– Leveraging New Technologies & Marketing Platforms
– Managing Changing Agency and Vendor Ecosystems
– Managing Talent Recruitment, Development and Motivation
– More Effective Company Wide Engagement across Entire Customer Journey
– More Effective Demand Generation and Inside Sales
– Navigating Digital Marketing Landscape Challenges (Ad Fraud, Brand Safety)
– Navigating New or Expanding Sales Channels (Partners, Ecommerce, Mobile)