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We’re pleased to announce that The CMO Club is now part of Salesforce!

CMO Awards Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you have to be a member of The CMO Club in order to nominate/be nominated?

  • No. You do not have to be a member of The CMO Club to nominate a CMO or to be nominated/win.

Can you nominate yourself for a CMO Award?

  • Yes. You can nominate yourself for an award.

Who is eligible to win a CMO Award?

  • The CMO Awards are exclusive to individuals holding a current CMO or SVP/VP Marketing title reporting to a CEO, President, or Country/Line of business head, and the nominee’s company does not sell predominantly to marketers.

What additional information should I include in the nomination?

  • Any background information on your nominee’s marketing accomplishments and expertise is helpful and considered in our committee’s review.

What if I have additional questions about the awards and/or the nomination process?