CMO Club Cares mission

To help its members connect and solve their biggest challenges within a candid, trusted, and sharing environment. Now, the CMO Club Cares builds upon that mission, helping our members connect with the organizations and causes they care about.

We are honored to work with inspiring non-profits who are making a huge impact in all corners of the globe. Each year, during our Summit events, several charities are invited to share their unique business and marketing challenges. We then facilitate interactive and creative brainstorming sessions, leveraging the limited time and invaluable insight of our members to help these organizations find solutions.

It is our goal that these sessions will be the catalyst that launches collaboration between CMOs and the charities that are nearest to their hearts during Summit and beyond.

Gina McDuffie Shares her Passion for Helping Others, Listening to Teenagers, and Changing Lives

Gina McDuffie, CMO at Treker, serves as the Chairman of the Board for Life Teen, a Roman Catholic-based charity, and works personally with teenagers and families on goodwill missions here at home and around the globe.

Jennifer Dominiquini Shares Her Passion for Helping Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Jennifer Dominiquini talks about her work as a board member at The Center for Pursuit, and the importance of creating choice, growth, and independence for these adults.

David Gitter chats about the Foundation he Created & the Responsibility of Giving Back

David Gitter, CMO at World Poker Tour, talks about his work with the WPT Foundation, benefiting multiple charities across the globe, and a special event with K9s for Warriors.