At a recent CMO Club Austin Chapter dinner and roundtable our CMOs shared their ideas and experiences using AI to help grow their business.  Here are the top takeaways from the problem solving roundtable:

  • Start with gathering the necessary data – not ALL of your data, just the relevant parts.
  • Understand the data pipeline. Where is the most valuable data residing & how do you get access to leverage it?
  • Make sure your data comes in clean and STAYS clean over time.
  • Use AI “on the edges.” Test chatbots for customer service, prove their value in either sales or customer satisfaction and/or retention.
  • If you cannot prove a significant return, it’s too early to spend, so TEST, TEST, TEST.
  • Hold your sales team (if applicable) accountable for accurate input of customer data.
  • Choose data and partners wisely – begin with what you’ll USE, not just what would be “nice to have.”
  • Hire a data scientist if you can afford one. This allows for precision in the numbers.
  • Be smart: lay the data “pipes” NOW for AI in the future, while making the numbers today.

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