The Best Advice a Boss Ever Gave Me


  • You must always have a point of view on your area of responsibility, regardless of whether others agree with it or not.
  • For Branding and Messaging, it’s always good to ask yourself – Will they care?  Will they share?
  • What type of marketer are you?

The thrill of spending money” kind?

     (The best marketers are always the ones that make money for the company, FYI.)

  • If you are women and want to have a baby, there is no “better” or “best time” to have a baby while working. There are tradeoffs at every step in your career. Have a baby when you want one, not when you think best for your work situation.
  • Life is like a three-legged stool – work, family/religion, and health are the legs. If one is out of balance, the seat will not support you.
  • Make sure when you communicate internally, that you are not just talking to yourself (marketing jargon).
  • Your attitude impacts your altitude.
  • Make sure you always understand how the person you talk too wants to receive the information you give and match that. Not everyone wants to accept information the same way.
  • In every situation, assume good intent by the people you are dealing with.
  • Money does not measure intelligence.
  • Avoid conflict avoidance – you regret what you avoid.
  • The relationships you make throughout your life will make or break you. Nothing else matters as much as this fact.
  • Get comfortable getting uncomfortable.  Best results will always have the most discomfort during the decision-making process.