Recap by Libby Loskota, Vice President of Marketing, TaskUs

Led by: Denise Broady, COO, CMO, WorkForce Software and Dan Lowden, CMO, Digital Shadows

Libby Loskota
Denise Broady
Dan Lowden

Account Based Marketing

ABM was born out of a need for fast growth companies with fewer resources to focus and maximize their returns.  With so many touchpoints throughout the pursuit lifecycle, it’s difficult to understand what ones yield the greatest return.

Custom curated content

Use tools like Showpad or UberFlip. These act like prospect hubs and can be customized with content specifically for that pursuit.  The prospect interactions with the content are tracked to report the effectiveness of certain pieces of content.  To ensure utilization, mandate certification for all new AEs to learn the tool and drive adoption.

Customer Advocacy

Many companies survey their customers, but are you surveying your clients in a B2B space?  If you aren’t, start now. If you do, are you leveraging your promoters to be customer advocates?  One example is to donate an amount (the suggestion was $500) on behalf of your client’s favorite charity for each introduction that the client makes.  Also, consider starting a Customer Advisory Board. Lastly, recognize your client advocates at your user conference or invite them to speak.

Test Drive

Many customers opt for self-service or personal “test drives” instead of lengthy product demos with your sales team.  Enable prospective customers to have access to the product on your website within minutes instead of having to engage over several weeks with sales. This drives immediacy, delivers highly qualified leads, and warms up leads well before you have to engage with the sales team.

Channel marketing

How do you build momentum with your channel partners? Use partners for thought leadership, and at events, co-branding, and even work RFP into the background for them.  Make it mandatory activities all are tracked in Salesforce.

Marketing integration

Marketing isn’t advertising.  Integrating across the entire company beyond sales is critical. Everyone in the company should have a customer-centric view.  Consider marketing to be responsible for onboarding new customers, join QBRs, be responsible for client surveys (cNPS,) and have a monthly marketing read out to the whole organization.