CMO’s know how important it is to put the right team together. The hiring process is a necessary evil and after many successful (and some unsuccessful) hires, we asked CMO Club Members what characteristics they value most when hiring new marketing talent for their team.

Turns out it’s much more than just finding a talented marketer.

Christine Heckart, CMO of Brocade Communications

“I value leadership. By this, I mean the ability to see a path forward and mobilize a team, solve problems with integrity, uplift people with vision and positive energy, and ensure the right people are in the right roles. People can learn technology, they can learn different marketing roles, but if they don’t have good leadership skills it hurts the whole team.”

Randa McMinn, Consultant and Former VP, Marketing, Essex Property Trust
Randa McMinn The CMO Club

“Intellectual curiosity, grit, tenacity, and creative problem-solving.”

Dee McLaughlin, VP of Global Marketing, Forever 21
Dee Mc Laughlin The CMO Club

“Beyond skills, I look for passion, teamwork and humility. People with these qualities stay on top of trends, keep morale and motivation high and take pride in the outcome of their team’s work.”

Shonodeep Modak, CMO, GE Power, Distributed Power Services
Shonodeep The CMO Club

“I look for independent, divergent thinkers who can provide a point of view while being ambidextrous enough to lead multiple initiatives with composure and confidence.”

Michael Parness, CMO of Outward Hound
Michael P The CMO Club

“First, we identify the work that needs to be done and how it will be measured. Then, we create roles we are looking for with flexibility throughout the recruiting process in order to create a winning team of complimentary talent that will achieve our strategic initiatives.

We look for passion and ask situational questions to understand their cross functional team work, problem solving ability, creativity, 360 leadership/influence and SMM acumen. After an initial phone call and/or video screens, every candidate must complete a project relevant to the role they’re being considered for – which helps assess how they would do in actual position. We then do both panel and individual interviews to identify best cultural and performance fit.”

Jennifer Francis, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Jennifer Francis The CMO Club

“I like to work out what the unique perspective is of that person within the area I am hiring for, and how they can add value. Knowing they have a vision is important, as is seeing and understanding it through the experiences that they have had to date.

I like to hire well. I’m not afraid of good, solid experience – I really like subject experts. What’s most important is that we share our ideals and know that we can work together to get done what we need to.”

Evan Greene, Chief Brand Steward at The Recording Academy
Evan Greene The CMO Club - Hiring Marketing Talent

“Beyond skills and work experience, I am drawn to people with ambition, drive and a hunger to continually improve.”

What are your non-negotiable when hiring marketing talent for your team? Comment and let us know.