Richard Sunderland, Founder and Executive Chairman of Heavenly Group Ltd.

 The Benefit of Brevity – Four Key Takeaways


  1. Be brave. Don’t lack the confidence to be brief. Too many times, marketers try to over-explain. While there is more “perceived” value in complexity, being brief is more powerful.
  2. “I have made this letter longer than usual only because I have not had time to make it shorter.” -A pertinent quote from Mark Twain
  3. It takes more thought to be brief, but in this Attention Deficit Disorder-filled world you need to be, stirring people’s emotions and concisely creating impact.
  4. More and more companies are considering “Haptic Branding,” the process of recognizing through touch. How would your brand feel? What would it sound like?


Here are the top 5 determining factors of your brand message


  1. Is it likable?
  2. Is it ownable? (trademark)
  3. Is it applicable?
  4. Is it formidable?
  5. Is it shareable? (through Social Media and word-of-mouth communication)