Lynne Capozzi

The CMO Guide to Website Redesign
By: Lynne Capozzi, CMO, Acquia

Marketing as a function is no stranger to change, but few changes are more wrenching than a wholesale “replatforming” of an organization’s websites and other digital content solutions at the heart of most marketing technology stacks.
My team recently tackled a website replatform and redesign. There were a lot of lessons learned along the way, so we decided to write an eBook to share our biggest takeaways and best practices from the entire process. You can Download the eBook here: The CMO Guide to Website Redesign. The ebook provides details to help you learn more about the tools you need to get a redesign project supported, funded, launched, and how to make sure it’s a success.
Key takeaways for website redesign. Pick the right team. Have a clear brief and 'north star'Master the art of executive communications. Speak the same language.