CMO Nashville Summit Roundtable Recap


David Gitter, CMO, World Poker Tour

Bob Kraut, recent CMO, Captain D’s

Blane Sims, Chief Innovation Officer, Signal


Key Takeaways


  • Communicate the right marketing message at the right place at the right time-essential to quickly identify the “moment of truth” when you can lose a customer or keep them for life.
  • Companies need to educate and empower their employees to take appropriate action and exceed expectations immediately when there is a customer issue.
  • Critical moments in the customer experience increasingly happen in digital contexts — whether you are an online business, offline, or both.
  • Digital provides a great new set of tools that can help you guide the outcome of critical moments. This all starts with the ability to recognize who your customer is and what they need from you “in the moment.” Measuring key points of your customer’s journey and using an onboarding and identity resolution partner to create a single view of your customer across offline and online interactions provides a cornerstone for guiding your organization forward.
  • Brands that can deliver 1:1 tailored experiences that extend across earned, owned and paid messaging touch points are in the best position to deliver consistently in critical moments.
  •  Brands should install an “early warning” tracking system a la “star ratings” to continually track customer experience and develop immediate tactics to bring action to the situation.
  • Every brand has its moments of truth in the customer experience. When the customer is having a good experience or has hit some issues with your brand, these moments can either reinforce or tear down the perception of your brand. As a CMO, it’s critical to have visibility (or better yet, responsibility) over these critical moments so that you have a better chance to shape the outcomes.

    David Gitter, left, and Blane Sims.
    David Gitter, left, and Blane Sims.