The CMO Club just released survey results from 120 CMOs in the Club, on the ROI and benefit of membership for them and their companies.  The Survey results are a great way for members to get ideas on how to get the most out of their membership plus a great tool to share with their companies to demonstrate the value of their membership to their company.


Highlights include:
  • Over 90% surveyed realized The CMO Club’s impact on improving their leadership and marketing expertise
  • Over 80% surveyed leveraged peer recommendations for vendors, agencies and marketing services companies
  • Over 76% surveyed realized increased ROI for their company from membership in the Club
  • Over 73% surveyed realized improved ROI from working with Thought Leadership introduced through the Club
  • Over 53% surveyed acquired new “star” employees through CMO Club connections.

Check out all the survey results and get more information on membership.