Over 40 marketing leaders from the Atlanta and New York City Chapters weigh in on what goes and what stays. The answers are as diverse as the cities themselves.

The in-house items

  • Almost all CMOs have their Social Media presence handled by an in-house team able to react to the instant news cycles. There are many ways to craft and enhance your brand through your social media channels, so your team needs to be “hands-on.”
  • The vast majority of CMOs expressed disappointment in general regarding their outsourced PR agency. Although the outside agency might have the connections and relationships, most CMOs don’t feel they are getting the bang for their buck. Some CMOs have been able to get good results diverting some PR budget toward social media influencers.
  • Strategy – Most CMOs keep that in-house, that is how they increase their influence in the “C” suite. Developing, presenting and executing on a strategy AND getting ROI is THE way to establish your seat at the “C” table.
  • Web development – if you are ecommerce you are driving revenue so keep it in house. If you are B2B and driving lead Gen, keep it in-house so you can tweak and test.

Those items to outsource

  • More than half of CMOs seek outside counsel when looking to reposition or rebrand their company.  For B2B marketers, more than 75% outsourced repositioning & rebranding work, noting that it helped to have the outside expertise for their strategic insights, creativity and ability to build consensus with other executives.
  • Most of the CMOs do outsource creative because most agencies have a broader view of what is being put into the marketplace. CMOs of very technical or specialized products tend to keep creative more in-house. “Nobody knows our products better than we do.”

And those somewhere in the middle…

  • It’s about a 50/50 split of CMOs who manage their own SEO, SEM, PPC, programmatic in-house, and those that outsource these functions to an agency/contractor. 10 years ago, the advantage of using an agency was that the agency had the expertise and access to the complex technology. Now there are more tools available to your team to manage these channels in-house. “It is a Will and Skill scenario; do you have a person on your team with the will, enthusiasm, or both AND have, or be willing to learn the skills needed to execute.”
  • Market research – This was about a 50/50 split in-house/outsource. Even if an outside agency produces the report, having your team use that report as a starting off point to continue research and stay abreast of the marketplace is the best practice.