During the recent EMEA CMO Club Summit, Jan-Hendrik Völker-Albert, Head of Marketing & Communications, PwC Switzerland shared how his organisation re-aligned to increase customer satisfaction. 

A clear wake-up call

Three years ago, PwC realised they had a problem when their customer satisfaction survey results came through. Concerningly, 39% of those questioned couldn’t specify how PwC differed from their competitors in the professional services sector.

This was a clear call to action, spurring Jan-Hendrik and his team to put their three transformational levers to work – technology, people, and processes.

We want to drive commercial impact so everything is aligned to drive revenue based on the firm’s purpose by creating outstanding, individual experiences that bring our people and clients together.

Deploying a data-driven marketing stack

Complete visibility of the marketing funnel is essential; by investing in a data-driven marketing stack, PwC is able to identify all of their clients and nurture them across the sales funnel. Increased visibility also allows PwC to co-own client relationships, making it easier to add value and improve the quality of service provided. 

We now have transparency, clear planning, and also our eye view on everything we are doing. We know exactly what we are doing – and achieving – with every investment.

Using this information, PwC built a dashboard system. Stakeholders are able to see where their clients and customers are on the marketing journey, what they are doing, and what they are interested in.  This allows PwC to redesign and reorganize around the metrics, Jan-Hendrik explained.

The people factor

Becoming client-obsessed is essential to driving revenue, but you also need stakeholders to buy-in to the strategy. Because people are your most important resource, Jan-Hendrik argued, you must invest in them. Businesses need to invest in developing new mindsets as much as skills.

Invest in your people, invest in their mindset and then, in difficult times you will be able to reach out, building connections and deepening relationships with your clients. Then you’ll also have greater success and more client wins.

Jan-Henrik was able to secure C-suite support for the transformation program, enabling real change across the organisation. Not everyone will buy-in, however, so be prepared to lose employees who are unwilling to change their mindsets. No matter how experienced or valued those people are, you should let them go – otherwise, they may derail or dilute your transformation towards customer-centricity.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology that offers greater visibility and more metrics will help you better understand your customers.
  • Co-ownership of client relationships allows you to provide a better service to customers at every point of the sales funnel.
  • Investing in new mindsets for your employees is just as important as training and new skills acquisition.
  • Not all of your employees will be willing to engage with change – don’t be afraid to let them go.