At the recent CMO ClubHouse in Cannes we had the chance to chat with Katie Couric, Award-winning Journalist; Founder, Katie Couric Media, and Stand Up to Cancer Co-founder.

CMO Club –  What are you are working on lately?

Katie Couric –  About a year ago, I started a company. I wanted to be the boss of me, and I wanted to create content that’s not present enough on television or in the digital space right now. You know, trust in the institutions has declined steadily, and people are looking at a company’s politics, wanting them to comment on social issues like masculinity and gender equality, so, I did a series called Getting There, so women could document their journey. I’m doing a project with SK-II, on the pressures women face in Asia to get married. I went to Seoul, South Korea, and did interviews with people on what they’re doing to break out of traditional views. I know many people are worried about their boys and men going to college, and doing things and they won’t talk about it, but they’re worried.

When I was growing up, there were only a few places to get information. I mean, the iPhone is only a few years old. There’s lots of noise out there. I love to work, and I want to illuminate complex topics. I think the President has exasperated the divide in our country, and mass media has become an oxymoron. How are we going to get audiences that have as much information as they have affirmation, echoes their own ideologies?

I just used to get inundated with a tsunami of content, so I try to send out just great content that’s filtered.

CMO Club – Who do you think is out there trying to show an unbiased opinion?

Katie Couric – I love The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Politico, Wake Up Call, and network news at night. I don’t want to be shitting on journalists, because it’s a tough space, being shat on, on Twitter, or being called ‘enemy of the state’ by the President. It’s not nice.

CMO Club – Who fascinates you?

Katie Couric– That’s such a tough question. I don’t think anyone fascinates or intrigues me that much. I always wanted to interview Princess Diana. I think that would have been interesting. I met her once, and I’ve always thought she had more depth than people gave her credit for in her lifetime. I’d also have loved to interview Jackie Kennedy and Pope Francis.

CMO Club – What else have you been up to?

Katie Couric – I started a charity called “Stand Up To Cancer.” I was really frustrated by cancer research, so we started a paradigm of new research by bringing together scientists, not to compete, but to collaborate. I think we’ve raised $600 million so far.