Looking for ways to get a new employee to understand and buy-in to your organization’s culture? Look no further! Marketing execs Megan Lueders, Doug Zarkin and Muriel Lotto share their strategies for starting new team members on the right track and setting them up for success within their organizations.

Megan Lueders, CMO, Silicon Labs

“Two things:  I assign them an “team buddy” who meets with them on their first day, throughout the week and at touch points throughout the quarter and introduces them to the team and other colleagues, takes them under their wing and shows them the ropes.  This role helps address questions that your employee wants to ask but may feel awkward asking their boss, have someone to eat lunch with and jump starts and an immediate friendship on the team.”

Doug Zarkin, VP, CMO, Pearle Vision

“Brand emersion begins with experiencing the brand on the front lines. Start with, if possible, becoming a customer, going through the journey as you would if you didn’t work here. Than I would ask them to go and work in one of our locations. The blend of both is fantastic to start the journey.”

Muriel Lotto, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Western Union

“I talk as much about HOW we do things around here as WHAT needs to be done. I spend time explaining our values and behaviours, where they come from, why they are important, how they manifest themselves daily in our organization, how I personally relate to them. Understanding and integrating into a new culture takes time, in my experience about 6 months, to fully ‘get it’. And often it requires a honest and open dialogue to both share points of view and answer questions.”

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