The following is a guest post from Sentient Decision Science.

How the 2021 Academy Awards Advertising Could Have Been Better

One of the Advertising Industry’s biggest nights is now behind us. The 93rd Academy Awards commanded record ad spend at a time when CMOs have never had more choices in how to allocate precious marketing budgets. Some brand ads shined brighter than others this year.  In this video, CMOs can learn from the 2021 #OscarAd winners…..and the losers. The age of surveys has evolved to science and CMOs no longer need to use surveys to validate their advertising messaging. They can now stress test their messages overnight!

The Envelope Please

2021 Academy Awards are in the history books. Not since World War II have the Oscars been more subdued and austere.  Emotions are running high as we continue to navigate Covid 19 and it’s impact. The inaugural Most Emotional Impact in An Ad Award from Sentient Decision Science’s Sentient Insight division is based on a nationwide implicit association study conducted on brand affinity before and after exposure to the Oscar Ads. Who took home the award? Click here to find out…

Emotion is the holy grail of advertising. But how can marketers evoke emotion in a relevant and authentic way? When watching the #OscarAd highlight video here CMOs will see the importance of seeking out true authenticity when looking to bring out the emotion you want your brand to evoke. Watch how Sentient Decision Science’s patented technology shows the precise moment when an ad goes off the rails and the moment that hits peak emotion.

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