A roundup of key takeaways from the April Portland Chapter dinner and roundtable on “Leading without Authority” led by Swan Sit, Vice President of Global Digital and Carol Kruse, Board Member of Valvoline.

9 Key Takeaways

  1. You have to build open and honest relationships with your fellow “C” suite executives at all times.
  2. Most people are listening while simultaneously building their response and argument. Always listen with consideration to what people are saying, and why are they saying it. Be present. Ask yourself “How can you build consensus with what they are saying?”
  3. Having trust builds a movement AND building a movement builds trust.
  4. To build trust, you must first be open and honest. It’s scary and sometimes painful, but it helps to build that bond – and THAT will help you “Build a Movement.”
  5. Schedule a regular breakfast or lunch with your CEO where you can ask, “How am I doing?” on a regular basis. Give the CEO a “peek” on what’s over the horizon.
  6. Schedule regular breakfast/lunch with other “C” suite executives. Ask “How can I help you?” Give them a “peek” as well, and ask if they see any conflicts, or have any input or suggestions?
  7. YOU are the Marketing executive. They are not “voting” on the programs or campaigns that are coming up. You are the professional.
  8. Discuss the data and rationale that lead to your plans and programs.
  9. People support what they help to create. Give them the feeling that THEY will share in the success of the upcoming programs and campaigns.
  10. Listen one level up and several levels down. The input will give you great perspective.

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