The Pittsburgh Chapter Dinner recap with roundtable led by Nathan Martin, CEO, Deeplocal.

Key Takeaways

  • As you are in the Ideation process, think of “What will the headline be?” “What will the tweet or Instagram post say?”
  • Keep it simple. If you can’t put it on one piece of paper or explain it to someone NOT involved in bringing the project/program/campaign to life, then it is too complicated and won’t catch fire.
  • I run ideas by his 75-year-old father. If he doesn’t “get it” after a brief explanation (or if it doesn’t get a smile out of him,) it is too complicated and needs to be boiled down to the essence.
  • Don’t be afraid to investigate, use, and give creative agencies in second-tier markets a chance. They are leaner and hungrier, and you get closer to those who are building the technology and campaign.

How a CMO can be a good client

  • Discuss the overall goal and budget early. Avoid wasting each other’s time.
  • Define what “success” is early on.
  • It may be “cool” (like using drones or robots,) but will it make sense and be identifiable for your brand?
  • Anything is possible – it just takes technology, time and money. How much do you reallyhave for each
  • Don’t go for the name or “panache” of the agency. It’s the people actually working on your project and their track record that will give you the greatest chance for success.

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