Our CMOs are constantly trying new technologies and have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends but we wanted to know what technology or technology tool they can’t stop using for either personal or professional use. So we asked:

“What technology tool would you not be able to live without?”


Muriel Lotto, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Western Union

“Our online community is like a permanently-on supercharged focus group, which represents our and our competitor’s customers in 8 markets. We can share concepts at the earliest stage or advanced designs in final stages, we get a response time in a couple of days and we have now scaled it to a point where it’s practically quant with all the benefits of qual. It’s like having our fingers on the pulse of our customers in real time, any day, every day!”


Luis Casado, Head of EMEA Print Marketing, HP

“My hp printer. It has helped me to print boarding cards, legal docs, receipts and even swimming trainings…  it has been in my home office during years. I change my PC often but the printer never seems to break!!”


Laston Charriez, Head of Marketing, Pilgrim

“Audible…I have a long commute and being able to listen to fantastic books is the best part of the long drive”



Lisa Kaplan, Head of Marketing, Director Corporate Strategy, M. Holland Company

“Cloud-based file storage for my work has been a real productivity blast personally.  I am able to grab what I need from any device.  In addition, the ability to collaborate on documents and projects through these shared files – although very basic – has helped knit together remote team members and boost our effectiveness.  None of this is particularly sexy, but it’s a basic way of working that I find extremely efficient, particularly with our vendor partners and remote team members.”

Doug Zarkin, VP, CMO, Pearle Vision


“Text messaging is my “work wife.” Email addresses are too widely known and abused by internal and especially external folks, but when I get a text message I know it’s pretty important. Heaven help (#sarcasm) the vendor who sends me a text message trying to pitch me their widget or fidget. Not going to end well.”


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