“What are the top 3 analytics that you ask for most frequently?”


Tony Kempa, Managing Director, Head of Marketing, Business Development, and Brand (CMO), Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

  • NPS survey response follow up (monthly audit)
  • Opened Opportunities (weekly: quantity, factored value, un-factored value, days for expected close, duration of project)
  • Sales forecast accuracy (monthly)

JD Dillon, VP Marketing, Enphase Energy

  • Customer count, analyzed multiple ways to look for patterns on how to leverage success to grow small customers
  • Lead Generation analyzed multiple ways to judge success of campaigns
  • Net Promoter Score from surveys in a variety of ways: technical support calls, homeowner installations, channel partner relational

I am responsible for a certain subset of the CEO’s balanced scorecard and each of those three metrics are represented on that dashboard. In addition, the CEO (and others) have these as paid metrics in their bonus plans.

Megan Lueders, CMO, Silicon Labs

  • Contribution to Revenue – How are marketing programs contributing to the overall revenue number and how is this determined.
  • Account Engagement – How has engagement quarter over quarter increased?  This measured in terms of overall account awareness (how many people within the account know us), contacts growth (have we grown the contacts each quarter), depth of engagement with key title owners, advancement of opportunity.
  • Brand Awareness – Measured by overall market share, campaign results, social stats, and operational improvements (web visitors, engagement, etc)

Doug Zarkin, VP, CMO, Pearle Vision

  • Eye exams completed
  • Click-through rate
  • Website traffic


Muriel Lotto, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Western Union

The 3 areas that I spent time drilling into with robust analytics  are:

  • Looking at how much of our sales our marketing really drives vs other factors (attribution modeling)
  • Interrogating the true incrementality of our marketing spend to ensure we are not paying to acquire customers who would come to us organically
  • Feeding data back into acquisition from the retention analysis to ensure we acquire more of high value customers

David Minifie, Chief Experience Officer & EVP, Corporate Strategy, Centene Corporation

  • Consumer Satisfaction or Net Promoter Score
  • Retention Rate
  • Brand Awareness and Brand Equity


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