2019 is here, and for many people that means setting a New Year’s resolution. We polled CMO Club Members to see what the most influential people in marketing are thinking about as we start the new year. Here’s what they had to say when asked their professional resolutions:

‰”Professionally, what is your 2019 New Year‰’s resolution?‰”


Muriel Lotto, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Western UnionMuriel Lotto, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Western Union

“My 2019 new year resolution is to spend less time in meetings and more time coaching my team. I can‰’t think of any good reason why meetings are scheduled for 1hour at a time, it‰’s just a convention because our diaries are set in 1 hour increments, so I am going to reduce all my meetings to 50 minutes instead of an hour, I believe it will not make much of a difference to the meeting itself or its outcome but it will quickly add up to create time for coaching and problem solving together with my team and I think this will have a huge impact on our effectiveness as a team.”

Doug Zarkin, VP, CMO, Pearle VisionDoug Zarkin, VP, CMO, Pearle Vision

‰”To remain open and curious‰”



Renée Baker, CMO, Carillon Tower Advisers

“For me and Carillon Tower Advisers, this year is all about PARTNERSHIP. We will continue to focus on our CLIENTS and understanding their needs; provide valuable CONTENT and seek more ways to COLLABORATE with internal and external partners to EXECUTE on initiatives.”


Lisa Kaplan, Head of Marketing, Director Corporate Strategy, M. Holland CompanyLisa Kaplan, Head of Marketing, Director Corporate Strategy, M. Holland Company

‰”Continue to innovate and enhance our digital customer experience. Our customers want to be efficient and so does M. Holland Company. We continue to roll out new features and improve platforms like our MHX customer portal and MH2GO order platform.”

Luis Casado, Head of EMEA Print Marketing, HPLuis Casado, Head of EMEA Print Marketing, HP

“Link every $ invested, from the enterprise customer to the consumer, to business outcomes”


Kimberly Kupiecki

Kimberly Kupiecki, Global Leader Communications, Advocacy & Sustainability, The Dow Chemical Company

“For someone who doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions this is an interesting question. I spent most of last year feeling reactive and overwhelmed so this year I’m looking to pull in and manage the chaos. productivity is a topic I study often and deeply. That said I still didn’t have a system that worked for me. I had notes in various forms of electronic, paper, and worse in my head. I kept thinking I needed a master spreadsheet or Gantt chart but I couldn’t keep it up. Then a strange thing happened. I was listening to an episode of Productivity Paradox hosted by Tonya Dalton is also the owner of Inkwell Press. As an aside Inkwell sells fantastic physical planners with a bevy of related content on her website Facebook page and through her podcast. She had a guest speaker that week, John O’Leary who has an amazing personal story and has a podcast called Live Inspired. I was so intrigued by John’s personal story (90% of his body was burned at the age of nine) I started listening to his podcast. And he had an amazing guest, Scott Harrison who heads up Water Charity and had just released a book called Thirst. As a water industry professional I was intrigued and in fact as an aside looking to get involved in his new campaign and effort called spring. If you haven’t seen his video I strongly recommend it. John asks every guest a list of questions and one of the questions he asked Scott was what are your favorite books. Scott mentioned a book called Getting Things Done, the art of stress-free productivity by David Allen. Now many of you have probably read his book but for me this was news. Happily he had reissued 2015 version that pulled in a lot of the current angst we all have around multitude of distractions with various devices, application, social media etc. As I read this book I felt David was speaking directly to me. He talked about the problems I had. Different lists of things in different places, different systems, half-built systems and too many things in my head. Over the holiday break I took as much time as I could to wholesale implement the system. I’m only in week one but I already feel a measure of relief. So back to the New Year’s resolution for the gal who doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. My New Year’s resolution is to stick with the GTD system as strongly and deeply as I can throughout the year to achieve my full potential and live my values.”

Laston Charriez, Head of Marketing, PilgrimsLaston Charriez, Head of Marketing, Pilgrims

“become an indispensable partner for our Key Customers‰”



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