CMO Club members share the technology investments they are making to remain competitive in this digital-first landscape.

Muriel Lotto, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Western Union

The Western Union Company is a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement.

We’re very focused on marketing technology, specifically MMM / econometric modeling with predictive analytics, multi-touch attribution model for real-time digital media decisioning, AI capabilities to optimize creative/message, and Machine Learning to drive biddable media decisions in planning and for real-time optimization.

Kimberly Kupiecki, Global Leader Sustainability, Advocacy, Communications, DuPont Water Solutions

DuPont Water Solutions (DWS) is a leader in water purification and separation technologies, including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis(RO) membranes and ion exchange resins. More than 2,400 employees all over the world work with a shared purpose to solve global water challenges for the purification, conservation and reuse of water.

For us, it’s all about leveraging the ON24 platform for internal and external webinar programs. The other one I would say we’re using more is Bonfyre for internal engagement.

Education platform/ Blue Talk, Water Academy, Process Academy – we have generated incredible engagement and leads through these digital means.

Tony Kempa, Managing Director, Head of Marketing, Business Development, and Brand (CMO), Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

ESD is a consulting-engineering firm within the architecture, engineering, and construction industry focused on creating design solutions that produce economic, environmental, and experiential benefits for their clients.

We are not necessarily looking to invest in new tech. We are looking to become more proficient and productive in our existing tech while optimizing work flows. Then, invest in technology that supports strategic growth.

Megan Lueders, CMO, Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs is the leading provider of silicon, software, and solutions focused on build a smarter, more connected world. Our technologies are shaping the future of the Internet of Things, Internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer, and automotive markets.

Digital Marketing continues to be a key focus pre/post-pandemic but the investment has increased as has the need to refine customer segmentation and analytics, which lead to advancing the buyer’s journey. An unexpected investment has been to virtual meeting technologies as we’ve transitioned in-person meetings to larger virtual encounters.