You Raise Me Up: How to Inspire, Engage, and Develop Your Team (and why it matters!) – Virtual Roundtable


You Raise Me Up: How to Inspire, Engage, and Develop Your Team (and why it matters!)

Trish Mueller 2017 HeadshotDiscussion Leader: Trish Mueller is an expert in retailing with 30+ years of experience in strategic branding, marketing, advertising, interconnected retail strategy and store operations. She served as the Chief Marketing Officer of The Home Depot from 2011 until 2016, where she was lauded for successfully driving the shift from print and traditional media to omni-channel marketing. Trish is also the co-founder of Mueller Retail Consulting, serves on the public Board of Directors of Dave & Buster’s, speaks publicly on Omni-Channel marketing and retailing, and has received several key industry awards. She currently resides in Austin, Texas and serves as our CMO Club Austin Chapter President.

Alan Hart photo Guest Host: Alan HartManaging Partner, ATOMCK and Podcast Host of Marketing Today with Alan Hart

Date: Thursday, March 15: 10am-11am PT | 1pm-2pm ET

What to Expect: Join us on March 15th for a lively discussion about the value of developing your people, practical steps you can take to train your team, and how a small investment of your time can help make your job easier, when you raise up those around you. The discussion will be kicked off by Trish Mueller, former CMO of The Home Depot, who will be sharing insights and actions you can take, along with real life examples, of how this strategy helped develop the highly successful team leading marketing at The Home Depot today.

“Now that I am retired, the thing I am most proud of is the continued success of the team I built, especially now, in my absence.  They are my true legacy and they’re doing incredible things using the tools, skills and confidence they developed with a little help from me, and the effort they put into driving their own success.” – Discussion Leader Trish Mueller

What is a Virtual Roundtable? Virtual Roundtables are one-hour open discussion webinars led by a topic expert. This is a small group event for Senior Marketing Executives only. These roundtable discussions provide the opportunity to learn from and network with fellow marketing leaders, share insights, develop lasting relationships and leverage the CMO Club benefits.

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