Progressive Web Architecture, Hype or Hot?  Creating your website to look and act like an app

Progressive web applications have a rather unique architecture enabling them to have the glimpse and finish of a native app without getting installed or downloaded from the application store. With the ease of use and app like interface, it’s quickly becoming the most sought after element in creating an easy to use website that can keep customers interested and motivated to want to not only visit your site but have an amazing experience using it.

Join Jerome Nadel, former CMO & GM, Rambus, and CMO Club Chapter President, Silicon Valley/San Francisco, along with Sonny King, Executive Technology Director and Kat Davis,  Design Director, Frog Design as they share their insights on the implications, impact of marketing effectiveness, the tech stack and key takeaways of how progressive web architecture is changing how organizations create a customized web-based user experience.

Jerome Nadel, former CMO & GM, Rambus
Sonny King, Executive Technology Director, Frog Design
Kat Davis,  Design Director, Frog Design

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