Brand Marketing Manager, JAMS – Southern California

JAMS is the largest private provider of mediation and arbitration services worldwide.   For more information on this job please reach out to Mark Smalls at

Brand Marketing Manager (BMM), exempt
Functional Area: Marketing
Reports To: Director, Marketing and Communications

Position Summary
The Brand Marketing Manager’s role is to increase exposure and recognition of JAMS and its brands in order to build business nationally and internationally. This position will require significant and proactive interaction with panelists and associates, and will be accountable for the successful implementation of regional, national and global strategic and core business marketing initiatives.

Job Competencies

Marketing Communications
Partner with other national, regional and international associates to promote the JAMS brand, strategic offerings and practice area focused initiatives; this will be achieved through the development and creation of various marketing communications vehicles such as collateral, web content, social media campaigns, e-campaigns, public relations and advertising

Strategic Initiatives
The BMM will build and implement marketing plans in support of strategic initiatives, new product and service offerings, and national practice area projects as designated by the Director of Marketing and Communications

Brand Development
The BMM will develop marketing initiatives focused on protecting, promoting and expanding the JAMS brand, sub-brands and their reach nationally and globally; additionally the BMM will develop organizational focused messaging for advertising and other materials; this may be done through events where the brand is highlighted in addition to identifying partnerships, campaigns or other co-branded initiatives with other organizations

Client Outreach & Client Service
The BMM will help execute various client outreach programs including outreach to transactional attorneys and other key constituencies (e.g. litigators and in-house counsel); develop materials to reach new audiences and prospects (e.g. institutional); deliver professional client service to both external and internal clients

Other Projects
Support the Director of Marketing and Communications in fulfilling national and global marketing objectives; be available for any other projects designated by their manager

Core Competencies

Ability to work with managers, co-workers and panelists, sharing critical information to accomplish objectives; values cooperation within a team and works effectively on projects crossing both regional and functional lines; understands when discussion is necessary before decision making process is complete

Is present and punctual, prepared for work; is committed to fulfilling job responsibilities

Quality of Work
Regularly produces accurate and timely work product, fulfilling all requirements of the position

Work Ethic
Dedicated to neutrality, integrity, honesty, accountability, and mutual respect in all interactions; provides a supportive work environment for a diverse workforce

Sound Judgment
Makes sound decisions; bases decisions on fact rather than emotion; analyzes problems skillfully; uses logic to reach solutions

Must be self-motivated and results oriented; makes constructive suggestions; prepares for problems or opportunities; undertakes additional responsibilities when opportunities arise; responds to situations as they arise with minimal supervision; is solutionoriented; open to new ideas

Strategic Thinking
Offers advice and creates plans based on analysis of issues and trends, and how these link to the responsibilities, capabilities, and potential of the team; can develop well-informed advice and strategies that are sensitive to the various needs of multiple constituents

Engage associates, panelists and other constituents in developing goals, executing plans, and delivering results; mobilize teams, building momentum to get things done by communicating clearly and consistently; use negotiation skills and adaptability to encourage recognition of issues, and to influence the outcomes

Management Excellence
Leads by example; align people, work, and systems with the business imperative to deliver results; ensure that associates have the support and tools they need to meet current and longer-term objectives; conscientiously assign performance goals, offer year-round performance feedback, and conduct timely performance discussions and reviews


Possess a good grasp of basic marketing vehicles, such as advertising, public relations, collateral development and digital marketing

Client Service
Ability to assess client satisfaction and identify additional client service opportunities and implement strategies to strengthen client relationships, increase client retention and identify and propose solutions for current and prospective clients’ “jobs to be done”

Possess good understanding of the legal and ADR industries including court processes and legal terminology

Demonstrate computer literacy and proficiency in all software programs required for the position, including CRM software, Basecamp (or similar project management software), and others

Possess excellent ability to organize, prioritize and manage multiple responsibilities and tasks in a quick-paced environment

Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as strong presentation skills, in addition to having the ability to network and work well under pressure

Project Management
Strong ability to think outside the box; have good project management, problem solving and decision making and negotiation skills

– A Bachelor’s degree in a marketing discipline or a related field
– At least three to five years of comparable work experience in b rand marketing, communications, etc.
– Legal experience and client service experience, a plus

Essential Job Requirements

– Talking with clients, panelists, etc., over the phone and/or face-to-face for extended periods of time
– Effectively and articulately communicate with our clients in regard to our services, policies procedures, etc.
– Local and sometimes national travel

For more information please contact Mark Smalls at