Chief Executive Officer – The Mountain

Chief Executive Officer for The Mountain–a leading provider of premium quality, bold artwear apparel serving a diverse, global customer base. The Company pioneered a unique mottled dye technique and proprietary screen-printing processes to build an expansive portfolio of exclusive, and highly sought after artwear designs. Since its founding in 1981, the Company has created, dyed and printed all garments in the USA using sustainable practices. In May 2016, Gladstone Investment Corporation (NASDAQ:GAIN) acquired The Mountain, providing both equity and secured debt to complete the transaction. Of note, Gladstone is a public company (unlike most PE firms), so they deploy a very different strategy in terms of when and how they sell an asset.

For The Mountain, we’re seeking a CEO who can stabilize the business, develop and activate an aggressive growth strategy, and ultimately lead the company to a successful exit. The ideal profile is an omnichannel business unit leader of a consumer brand that sells through both Ecommerce and traditional brick and mortar retailers. Key channels for The Mountain include: Gifting, International, Web, Catalog, Zoos, National Retail Chains, Casinos, Museums, Amusement Parks, etc. The Board is eager to grow this Company, and capital is in place to invest in this growth. The missing ingredient at the moment is a dynamic CEO who brings a passion for success and a keen commercial mentality, plus the experience, toolkit, sense of urgency and leadership to revitalize this unique business.

The Mountain is headquartered in Keene, NH, approximately 2.5 hours from Boston’s Logan Airport. Gladstone would love for the CEO to live in Keene, but they understand this may be difficult, so they’re open to a commuting situation, ideally from the greater Boston area (or even NY and CT).

The candidates we’re seeking have the following experience profile:

  • Sales or Marketing – Core foundational experience in either Sales or Marketing
  • Target Categories – Apparel, Footwear, Home Décor, Sporting Goods, and Collectibles
  • Large to Small – Entrepreneurial experience, ideally in a smaller PE-owned business
  • Turn-Around – Adept at stabilizing, turning-around and profitably growing a business
  • Team-Building – Must bring a commitment to building, developing and mentoring others

Please click here to view the spec, which explains the opportunity in greater detail.

Danny Fleishman
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