Thrift Books Holdings LLC: Thrift Books is the largest online seller of used books in the

United States, and probably the world. Founded in 2003, Thrift Books Holdings has 11

subsidiaries around the United States that purchase, grade, and distribute used books.

Thrift Books relies on proprietary software to identify, price, and ship used books using

a variety of online platforms, including Over the past eight years, Thrift

Books has experienced explosive growth, and has grown to include distribution affiliates

in all corners of the United States. The company is privately held and venture capital

sponsored. Website:


The Chief Marketing Officer will be responsible for the planning and execution of sales

and marketing goals of Thrift Books. In addition to a strong hands-on role, the position

will be a key component in a small management team, and will assist with solving the

operational and organizational issues arising from strong organic growth of an online

retailer. This key leader will bring creativity to the marketing function as well as an ability

to establish proven best practices, process, measurement, and forecasting systems.

This leader will be well versed in all aspects of customer acquisition including SEM,

SEO, 3rd party marketplaces (Amazon, eBay,, etc.) affiliate, as well as

retention (email), loyalty and reactivation.

The Chief Marketing Officer will be responsible for strategic planning, branding, social

content and strategy, PR, CRM, and customer lifecycle management. They will also be

responsible for new projects such as an upsell/cross-sell program, constant A/B/n

testing, ongoing optimization, pricing strategy, business development and


The CMO will be an expert in all aspects of the shift of online traffic to mobile devices.

The successful candidate will lead our efforts to take advantage of this attractive

opportunity. We seek a proven leader with a track record for growing these programs.

This person will be a natural leader, with high communications and analytical skills, as

well as experience working for a data-driven, multichannel, direct-to-consumer

ecommerce retailer.

Candidates will have successfully driven customer acquisition and understand Lifetime

Value. They will have developed sophisticated multi-contact attribution models,

leveraged social media to drive not only customer engagement but also acquisition and

sales. They will have a proven track record of leading a team in accomplishing

aggressive revenue and sustained profit growth. The right individual will have solid

analytical skills, a penchant for technology and the digital space. They will be creative

thinkers, able to write effectively in multiple voices, great communicators, and will be out

of office leaders who drive enthusiasm, momentum, and collaboration around a shared

vision for the online channel.

Candidates should be able to integrate tightly with our team of talented developers, as

they work to bring to life the creative and marketing vision of the company.


This executive reports to the President and will oversee the following teams and

functional areas: VP of Sales & Marketing, Content Manager, SEO/SEM Manager,

Marketplace Manager, Vintage/Special Handling Manager, Customer Service Manager,

and Creative/Designer.


 Oversee all aspects of direct-to-consumer ecommerce marketing in the areas of

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search, Email, Comparison, Affiliates,

third party platforms, and referring partners.

 Manage all aspects of customer-facing communications, including our Customer

Service department.

 Drive improvements to our conversion rates on all aspects of our online sales

(mobile, traditional, etc.).

 Manage the Marketing, Customer Experience, and Customer Support

departments. Continue to grow the team to meet/exceed objectives, and support

the company’s aggressive growth.

 Design, and execute an ongoing series of merchandizing campaigns that span all

online media.

 Partner closely with finance and operations in annual strategic planning and

quarterly goal setting.

 Present regularly to board of directors and address strategic opportunities with

creativity and discipline.

 Coordinate with IT/Development to deliver an unrivaled customer experience for

all consumers.

 Expand and develop a robust process of constant testing and provide backend

analysis and recommendations after testing to continuously improve the

customer experience and grow sales and contribution.

 Analyze and provide reporting on program KPIs – identifying opportunities for

growth, and improving efficiency.

 Manage programs within acceptable levels of advertising spend, contribution,

and customer long-term value.

 Leverage spend and investment across platforms and vendors to grow profitably

and improve efficiency.

 Execute trend analysis, monitoring, and competitive benchmarking.


 At least ten years progress executive experience in ecommerce marketing and

merchandising including SEO/SEM, Social, 3rd party marketplaces, and new

customer acquisition. Combination of small company and big company

experience is preferred. P&L experience preferred.

 Mobile e-commerce experience, with fluency in all current best practices and up

to date on industry changes/evolutions.

 Significant experience managing through analytics to achieve the highest levels

of margin performance. Experience utilizing data analytics staff to analyze and

affect results is a must.

Personal Characteristics

 High level of intelligence, possessing intellectual tools and the knowledge of how

to use them.

 Excellent analytical abilities combined with an excellent logical thought process.

Must manage through data and analysis.

 Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills, as well as having strong courage in

his/her convictions.

 Creative, marketing-minded with a deep understanding of online customers.

 Strong team-building skills. Able to attract and hire additional A players as the

team grows.

 An excellent listener, tough-minded, able to offer critical review, but with a strong

sense of partnership.

 An exceptional leader, teacher, and coach.

 Provides direct guidance and feedback, and will share examples of applied

methodology to help solve business problems.

 Be unafraid to step forward and question either company operations or finances.

 Both pragmatic and strategic.

 Bring energy and enthusiasm to the role and be highly interested in making a

meaningful contribution to the company.


BA/BS in Marketing, Business Administration or similar, MBA preferred.


A compensation package including a base salary, bonus opportunity, and equity has

been designed to attract top candidates to partner with the management team.

LOCATION: Seattle, Washington

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Rick Linde at or Peter Flaxman at