Chief Marketing Officer

POSITION: Chief Marketing Officer. This is a management position. You will be part of the core executive team that includes the CEO. Need someone who is a very good leader and coach. You will be inheriting a marketing team of approximately 30 people including product marketing, demand generation, channel marketing, marketing communications, content, events, analyst relations, industry solutions, etc. You will be fully in charge of your numbers, team and hiring plan.

LOCATION: Candidates must live within commuting distance to Mountain View, California. Or be willing to relocate. Working remotely is not an option.

COMPENSATION: Client is willing and able to put together the right package for the right person. Client would like to know what you want to make and what is important to you. Comp package will include base, bonus, equity and full benefits package. Expected comp is $400-500k OTE plus equity. Client wants to hire someone who is motivated and confident in their ability to be successful in this role.

MANAGEMENT STYLE: Position reports to the CEO. He is very honest, direct and personable. He does not want to micromanage. Wants a leader; someone who can take charge and make it happen. Must be able to hit their goals and help build a strong culture. Focus is on results and growth. The CEO has always been one to “work hard and play hard” as the old saying goes. He’s always been an entrepreneur at heart, having started successful businesses in high school and college before continuing in his professional career to become the CEO of four more companies as a start-up founder or chief executive brought in by corporate or intuitional boards. In spite of his drive towards excellence in everything he does, he’s really a super nice guy who wants his team to feel like “family.” Although he grew up in the Midwest, he spent a ton of time living on both the East and West coasts. So you will find that he has those wholesome Midwest values, but a bit of that New York humor with a laid back CA style. He’s an avid tennis play, loves to work out, do things with his children, and keep life copasetic. He is really into team building and takes his entire exec team several times a year – with spouses – to a spectacular resort for productive meetings wrapped around a week of fun in the sun for all involved. He’s a man of real integrity, extremely approachable, and thoughtful to all those around him. If you need sound advice – or, even more importantly, a friend – you can always count on him!

CULTURAL FIT: There is really a spirit of openness within the culture. There is an absolute drive for success in the company and for each department. Customers come first. Company wants to deliver a worry-free experience so the customers can focus on their core business and not worry about IT. Customers should have an easy and delightful experience. Company says that they are the “Nordstrom” of cloud providers. CEO only wants to hire people who live and breathe this philosophy.


Must have recent experience in a marketing leadership role at a Cloud company with track record of success significantly growing revenues through channels and some direct.

Must be able to demonstrate that you have previously built and led a top grade marketing team. Need someone who can ensure that the team has the best possible talent (A players) at each level. Structure comp & incentive plans. Coach and keep top talent and remove non-performers efficiently.

Must have recent experience with significantly increasing customer acquisition and improving cost of customer acquisition metrics. Must be able to show what you did and how you measured your performance through metrics. Need marketers who have a demonstrated record of results.

Ideally, candidates have recent and successful experience marketing through channels. Experience with developing any of the following channels is a big plus: Telcos, VARs, and SMBs.

Ideally, candidates have led marketing at a 50M+ company that grew over 20% during their tenure. Candidates must understand how to grow and achieve revenue targets and be able to do it profitably. Do not want someone who wants to spend half of the company’s revenues on acquiring new customers.

Strong communications background and business acumen are required. Prefer candidates that earned undergraduate and MBA degrees from respected universities. However, experience is most important. Looking for candidates that are highly analytical and results focused.



Carolyne P. Connor
President, MatchStar Venture Search