Chief Marketing Officer – Klaviyo

Company and Product:

Klaviyo empowers consumer businesses to own their marketing and growth by aggregating all of the

customer data and allowing businesses to design and deliver experiences across email, web and mobile

– the owned marketing channels. Klaviyo has over 25,000 customers in 80 countries ranging from

entrepreneurs to multi-national, public companies. The company is profitable and will pass $100M

revenue in 2019.

Headquartered in Boston, Klaviyo was founded in 2012 to give businesses greater control over their

customers’ experience and measure the results in dollars – not opens or clicks. Klaviyo is a product –

and engineering-driven company that relies on getting incredibly close to its customers. We’ve built a

data warehouse that allows flexible, low latency queries of customer data, a Photoshop-like content

design experience and flexible attribution modeling. Combined together, consumer companies no longer

have to stitch together different products and waste months implementing and testing to see if their

ideas drive revenue.

We recently raised $150M in growth equity from Summit Partners to expand internationally, into other

industries and to develop a product using machine learning and AI to automatically discover customers

and experiences that will drive revenue and growth.


Leadership and Board:

Leadership Team

  • Andrew Bialecki, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Stephen Wietrecki, Chief Revenue Officer Conor
  • O’Mahony, Chief Product Officer
  • Eric Silberstein, CEO, Klaviyo Data Science


  • Andrew Bialecki
  • Ed Hallen, Co-Founder
  • Michael Medici, Summit Partners
  • Jon Karlen, Astral Capital


The Opportunity:

Today, many of Klaviyo’s customers are online consumer and ecommerce businesses. In ecommerce, there

are two prevailing trends – a shift from buying in person to buying online and a shift from selling through ad

networks and marketplaces towards direct to consumer, where businesses own the customer experience

and relationship. U.S. and European consumers spent almost $1T online last year and that number continues

to grow 15% year over year. Roughly half of that volume was transacted in marketplaces like Amazon and

eBay, where businesses are allowed only indirect relationships with their customers and have to pay a

significant fraction of every dollar earned, typically 30-50%.

Selling through marketplaces is limiting, and businesses are looking for ways to create direct relationships.

There’s a major shift in focus from creating awareness through ad networks and selling through

marketplaces to building a brand and selling through owned channels – email, mobile and web. Businesses

are shifting from a model where sales are driven through intermediaries to a model where sales are driven

through experiences they can craft and own themselves. To do this, they’re looking for a software stack

that will aggregate all of their customer data, allow them to create and deliver experiences across email,

their website and mobile and measure the impact on revenue accurately and down to the individual. With

this, they’ll have the same ability to experiment and optimize as with tools that Amazon, eBay, Google and

Facebook built internally and license to them.

To date, marketing tech has sold a dream they’ve been unable to deliver on with their products and

technology. Businesses are left to stitch together point solutions to different parts of the problem, e.g. data

aggregation, customer segmentation, content creation, deliverability, attribution and testing. Klaviyo

approached this with an engineering and product focus to build one platform that handles the entire

workflow and can allow anyone to have an idea for a customer experience, create it and measure its impact

on revenue.

With this focus, Klaviyo has over 25,000 customers and name brands like Bonobos, Custom Ink, Steve

Madden, Untuckit and Procter & Gamble building experiences and driving 20-50% of sales through owned

marketing. This is just the beginning, with 2,500 new customers and thousands of free users signing up

each month – primarily through organic, word of mouth referrals.

Looking forward, there are 10M+ consumer businesses and brands who want help growing through owned

marketing that aren’t aware of Klaviyo yet. There are also other industries Klaviyo plans on entering with

their core technology to enable owned experiences and growth – media, travel, hospitality, non-profit,

education and healthcare to name a few. With a focus on customers, engineering and product design,

Klaviyo intends to build a $100B company and allow any business or organization to own their success.


The Role:

Klaviyo is on track to double its customer base every year for at least the next 4-5 years and expects

to have 100,000+ customers before long.

But there are still 10M+ consumer businesses and brands that have never heard of Klaviyo. To

address this, we’re looking to hire a Chief Marketing Officer to tell the Klaviyo story and develop and

evangelize our brand and what we stand for. As more and more customers trust Klaviyo with their

growth and to grow their brand, we want to do the same.



Reporting to the CEO, Andrew Bialecki, the Chief Marketing Officer’s mission is to:

  • Serve as “the strategic storyteller” for the company, drive global marketing efforts that build brand equity, stoke demand and raise awareness of the company as the best-in- class revenue-generating software for consumer-facing companies.
  • Develop clear and creative content, messaging and positioning that stir emotion and cultivate familiarity.
  • Lead and grow a powerful demand generation machine to fuel growth. Leverage the marketing budget to generate leads and deliver measurable results from brand awareness.
  • Oversee marketing and branding efforts that educate consumer marketers about the power and efficacy of the Klaviyo platform. Differentiate Klaviyo from others by illustrating revenue growth vs “just doing stuff,” like most marketing software.
  • Ramp up, professionalize and scale the company’s community outreach programs to build on the early success of other roadshow- style events.
  • Ensure that all advertising and branding efforts integrate seamlessly with PR and event initiatives and reflect the vision, values and aesthetic sensibilities of Klaviyo.


Skills and Experience:

  • Have “seen this before” and lived through the hypergrowth stage of growth.
  • Be a first principles thinker when working on problems you haven’t seen before and willing to experiment and make mistakes.
  • Have strong consumer sensibilities, we’re building a company for 100,000s and millions of users; be a great storyteller; be passionate about developing a brand that values approachability, trust, empowering people and dedication to details; excited to be in front of our users, customers and partners.
  • Be an empathetic, results focused leader who can persuade world-class talent to join us.
  • Have been a key part of a tight knit leadership team. Personally value leading by example, working transparently and having huge dreams – we believe we can build a $100B company.


To learn more, please contact:


310-433-4913 (m)