Chief Marketing Officer – Pacific Marine Credit Union – San Diego Area

Job description
Join Pacific Marine Credit Union’s high-performing executive team as its new chief marketing officer. Last year, the board of directors hired a charismatic and visionary CEO who wants to round out the team with a highly-qualified marketing executive responsible for crafting and implementing the credit union’s new brand. As the marketing professional, you will need to demonstrate:
– Expertise in crafting a strategy from a vision
– The science and art of strategic planning
– How to attract the diverse targeted membership demographic
– An embodied belief in serving the community through philanthropy
– Application of virtual member service through technology
– Member retention strategies and initiatives
– Brand theory as it applies to the organization culture
– Development of human capital
– Analytical skills of market and membership data
– Proven execution and accountability practices
– Business development acumen and action
– Budget creation and implementation

Through interviews, a case study, and assessments, the selected candidate will demonstrate:
– Creativity/innovation
– Project management
– Customer focus
– Goal orientation
– Leadership
– Personal accountability
– Interpersonal skills

The ideal candidate’s resume will include seven to ten years’ progressive experience at the senior management level; a business or communication degree, preferably a master’s; and analytics, brand, and business development in the fintech, bank, or credit union industry. One hundred percent buy-in to the credit union philosophy is non-negotiable.