Chief marketing Officer – Protexol

If you are a retired MARKETING EXECUTIVE and are not ‘really’ ready for retirement, but rather you are looking for a new challenge, please check this out.

Protexol is seeking a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with broad experience in brand building, marketing and sales.  They desire someone with “C” Suite-level sales and relationship building experience – someone who is willing to dig in and get the job done themselves when necessary. This is an early-stage company that has recently acquired a suite of well-developed software products.

It is desirable that this candidate also has skills in the area of public relations and is digitally savvy. The company would like to see this position evolve into a chief communications officer over time.

The general domain of the company is in the areas of Business Process Management, Risk Management, ISO Certification Support and other Quality System implementations. The company will be providing a number of new solutions that assist businesses in fundamentally improving their operations at-large.

While it is not necessary (but it is desired) that the candidate has worked for any large corporations, the company is looking for demonstrated success in some major wins resulting from their marketing efforts and brand building.

Major Requirements for Chief Marketing Officer:

  • Deep experience is building brands (not just product management), marketing, executive sales and relationship building.
  • Willing to be a key part of the senior management team, actively involved in strategic business planning and implementation.
  • Expertise in establishing and fostering strong and diversified media relationships.
  • Up to date on state-of-the-art business practices and technology implementation.
  • Hands-on, willing do, delegate or lead, depending on the situation.


  • Collaborative, ego in check, team builder/mentor/leader, team player.
  • Flexible and innovative

While this is an early-stage company, compensation will be competitive, and can include salary, bonus, stock options, and other standard benefits.


Please send introductory letters and resumes to
Dennis J. Cagan