Chief Revenue Officer – London

POSITION: Chief Revenue Officer. This is a management position. You will only have a team quota. Initially, you will only have 5 people reporting to you. The entire team is located in Europe. Need someone who is a good manager and team builder. Need a player/coach type. As you hit the numbers, then build out the team.

LOCATION: Position is located in London, England. Candidates MUST already live in the London area. Relocation is not an option at this time. Working from another city is not an option at this time.

COMPANY: Software and Blockchain applications for the following industries: Financial Services (Banking and Insurance), Real Estate, Government, and Hybrid Supply Chain. Our client repurposed his company overnight to address critical gaps in the supply chain and employee wellness (physical and mental.) When the world changed, they rallied around those critical issues. They recently went live with a solution for the government that will be used for their national system allowing thousands of companies to file claims for job retention programs so they don’t have to lay off their employees. Our client built that system in FOUR days. After the government authorized it, they went live 2 days later. They have a nice bed of reference accounts. They are winning awards. They are doing high profile projects. Now, they need someone in the UK to lead their sales efforts for EMEA.

COMPENSATION: Compensation range in the first year will be $450k+ USD for OTE (On Target Earnings). It will be a 50/50 plan with accelerators for when you exceed targets, plus equity and full benefits including health, life, pension, etc. The UK holiday package starts with standard, though negotiable.

MANAGEMENT STYLE: Position reports to the CEO. She describes herself as a results focused executive who empowers people to plan and execute against their functional mandate. She is expecting a sense of urgency and complete accountability for functional performance. This company and its success is her passion and therefore, is a no nonsense CEO. She is one of the founding partners, the 2nd employee and over the years has headed up virtually every operational role in the organization through the years. She is the company’s main face to the Investors, Board and Analysts and is considered by all to a natural born leader. More so, someone who instills confidence at the highest echelons of business. She is looking for a confident and intelligent person that digs in and has a long and deep background in building tech companies with tangible experience in market startups. Need someone strong in strategy and focused on results. Since there will be a lot of interaction in this relationship, looking for someone with a lot of ideas. Want someone focused on solutions, not just problems. Need someone who can absolutely be trusted and transparent. While she wants to know the details, she focuses more on the results and the tracking of critical metrics that show progress towards achieving key KPI’s. In summary, she is looking for someone who can install thought leadership, develop a business growth vision and then execute against that vision. She will let this person run, but they need to be transparent and raise issues as quickly as possible. She doesn’t like to find out 3rd hand when there are problems. Nor does she appreciate when people sit on them. She is looking for a critical thinker. She is big on people that are constantly looking onto the horizon for roadblocks, people that are thoughtful and people that are always looking ahead and always trying to anticipate.

CULTURE: This is a very international culture. They are often described as “the little engine that could.” They started as a small team from eastern Europe that has now been globally recognized from some of the most leading-edge software implementations. They are “the bomb” at the stuff that they do. They have some mature business builders. Their company has always done beyond what they thought they could do. They have a lot of ambition. Their corporate culture stresses the following: Performance, Sense of Urgency, Accountability, Respect for and Support of the team, and Integrity….and this is all complemented by Innovation.


· Must have recent and significant experience in a sales leadership role with responsibility for a team quota selling Software and/or Blockchain applications to any of the following industries: Financial Services (Banking and Insurance), Real Estate, Government, and Hybrid Supply Chain (retailers, manufacturers, shippers, logistic companies, etc.).

· Must be able to develop actualized leveraged partnerships across target partner markets (Large Tech Integrators, Regional Solutions providers, etc.). In terms of target markets, they’re focusing on Financial Services (Banking and Insurance), Real Estate, Government, and Hybrid Supply Chain (retailers, manufacturers, shippers, logistic companies, etc.) and they are all VERY interested in block chain applications right now! These are the sectors most actively trying to understand and roll out applications utilizing distributed ledger. In terms of buying influences, they target C-Suite (CEO, CFO, CIO, COO), Line of Business Heads, Individuals with Transformation roles in Operational or Digital. Also, IT organizations are part of the due diligence process. They have strong value points for both LOB (Line of Business) and Tech.

· Must be familiar with their types of client, sale and process. Need someone who is very good at facilitating the sales process. Need someone who gets the deals closed. The company offers two things: 1) a platform that can be used to prototype and launch process applications and 2) specific applications that are deployed for purpose. The platform pricing is a combination of annual license cost and usage fees based on transactions from applications that are launched into production. Sales cycles vary, depending on the perceived operational scope of the solutions the client is looking to build, the perceived impact across the client’s future automation strategies and when applicable, the perceived use of blockchain. Regardless, they’ve achieved sales in as little as 90 days, with an average cycle of 3-6 months.

· Must have tangible experience at a startup, ideally a venture-backed startup. Client wants someone who has done it before successfully. Need someone who embraces the opportunity and challenges associated with creating a new market and selling for a company that does not have big brand recognition. The ideal candidate is someone who relishes the idea of making us a familiar name. Looking for a “take no prisoners, make no excuses” type individual who will bang on the doors of offices as long as necessary until the doors open. Ideal candidates will have recent and significant experience in a sales leadership role where you built revenue from scratch up to $25M. Must be someone who enjoys the entrepreneurial atmosphere of a small company, but has been through the experience of scaling up an enterprise to significant organization size and revenues. Ideal candidates will have gone through the high growth and scalability issues of a startup or high growth stage company. Experience working in a dynamic environment is mandatory as well as experience growing a company from nominal revenues to phenomenal revenues at least once in your career.

· Must have someone focused on closing and growing the number, not just hiring people. By the end of 2020 and assuming you are getting traction with your efforts, then you will be managing an organization of approximately 12 people. We have a much larger plan that will encompass 4 times that amount of people but need someone who can achieve the initial goal first (considering today’s environment.) Let’s set the right expectation for today and find someone who embraces it! The new CRO must be hands-on and lead by example. Need someone who is an amazing manager and leader. Need someone who is inspirational. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own decisions and for everything working. We will share best practices, but at the end of the day, it is your group and your team. This will be a reflection of the person that leads them and brings them on board. Your team has to be willing to follow you “over the hill”.

· Must be able to outline concrete examples of your ability to build up a team with low turnover. Please make sure to mention how you have created top performers and developed people. Need an amazing motivational coach and charismatic leader. Candidates must have previously grown a team of at least 5-10+ people. Need someone who can ensure that the team has the best possible talent (A players) at each level. Structure comp & incentive plans. Coach and keep top talent and remove non-performers efficiently. Need someone that can be very hands-on, roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to achieve goals while building and managing the team.




Carolyne P. Connor
President, MatchStar Venture Search