CMO, Sage – Atlanta

The Chief Marketing Office will set the product marketing, brand and digital marketing strategy. Part of the Sage Executive Committee drive through the Sage Transformation Strategy. Proactive shaper and driver of the Sage corporate strategy and (in)organic development; and revenue generation, at predefined profitability, to meet Sage’s financial goals. Ensures that Sage’s product, digital and brand marketing strategy position Sage as the #1 accounting, payroll and HCM software provider for SMEs globally.
To implements a winning product strategy, that allows Sage to win (in revenue and installed base terms) in its target segments worldwide, in the “right way” (consolidated value proposition towards 3 anchor cloud products of Sage One, Live and X3)
Transform Sage’s brand position so it is positioned as “cool” and innovative and seen as a thought leader in its target geographies, involving a change of brand perception in its established geographies, and a step change in its awareness where it is challenger. Ensure the brand drives advocacy for colleagues at Sage.
To create a strong and highly efficient digital demand engine, built on the bedrock of a leading edge website and e-commerce engine, supported by market-leading content, campaigns, and social interaction, and owned media – including search and display
Achieve revenue targets which contributes c. 30% of revenue @ >3x ROI
Develop the skills and capability needed to deliver the strategy and ensure active talent management and succession plans in place
Drive engagement across the marketing function, delivering results and aligning with the organisational goals
15 years of significant deep knowledge of marketing tactics, marketing performance and strong marketing industry contacts/network, including at least 5 years at the senior management level
Instinctive leader; strong communicator with clear set of priorities for sage and Sage Marketing
Strong strategic and financial acumen to shape the strategic direction Sage adopts
Has experience running a P&L and can drive marketing results which directly correlate to and achieve revenue performance
Global leader who has experience living and working outside country of origin
Should be a product visionary and “digital rockstar” with a passion for small business