Director of Culture


Innisfree Hotels, an award-winning management company based on the Gulf Coast, is growing at an exciting pace. To help us maintain the incredible culture we have developed over 30 years, we are seeking an experienced, innovative and passionate Director of Culture to join our family.

(We are truly a family.)

People are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to the growth and development of our team members. Our culture is the foundation of our success and supports and reflects the spirit, vision and purpose of our entire organization. The Director of Culture will partner with leadership to develop and facilitate systems, trainings and resources aligned with our company’s mission.

Our current Corporate Director of Culture, Jack Guillebeaux, has been with Innisfree for more than 25 years. Through his experiences around the world, Jack has helped us to create a workplace where employees thrive – developing a toolkit called Genesis by which we navigate conflicts and communicate more effectively to produce greater results as a company.

You can read more about Innisfree’s culture here.

Jack’s experience in cultivating culture and organizational strategy is his life’s work, beginning in the 1960s. He connected with Innisfree in our founding years, through the Baha’i community.

In the beginning, Jack facilitated a weekend retreat focused on bringing people together, both personally and spiritually. Our founder and CEO recognized the process could translate to organizational development, so he invited Jack to work with our growing team.

For a long time, Innisfree has been an organization in a constant state of building and creating. Much of our energy was spent on surviving and growing. Today, as we move into a new space, there is room for doing more.

We are looking more closely at our organization’s culture – the spirit and tools, principles and values that will guide us into a new chapter. It’s time to organize and propagate our culture so it is understood company-wide.

This is an incredible, inspiring opportunity for the right candidate.

If selected, you will be mentored by our Corporate Director of Culture and veteran Culture Coaches. Our ideal candidate may have a background in secondary education, psychology and/or social work, to include group facilitation and conflict resolution. Experience is considered in lieu of a degree.

Innisfree Hotels offers competitive pay, vacation, 401K, and profit sharing. We have made our home on the Gulf Coast for over 30 years and serve more than 1,500 employees.

During this critical period of amazing growth, we need a Director of Culture who embraces our mission of ‘creating fun, memorable experiences’ while engaging our employees in the key elements of our culture.


Demonstrates culture by creating a fun, happy, and safe work environment.

Guides and facilitates the creation and implementation of systems, tools, and resources to assess, identify, monitor, evaluate, and resolve veering from the stated spirit, vision, purpose, goals and objectives.

Assesses the knowledge and behavior of employee’s relative to the company vision, purpose and goals.

Guides and facilitates the creation and implementation of training and support systems that support the evolving culture.

Develops, expands, and makes available training and development tools.

Supports teams to develop the capacity of team members to assume expanding skills and responsibility for planning, administering, evaluating, documenting, and reporting the progress and challenges of their ongoing training and development efforts.

Creates systems that utilize current digital technology, for easy access by teams.

Guides and facilitates the conceptualization, planning, creation, and development of training materials.

Evaluates relevant training needs for staff individuals in consultation with Managers and Team Leaders, including assessment measures.

Remains informed as to relevant skill and knowledge levels required by staff to embrace and expand the culture process throughout the organization.

Circulates relevant information, progress, opportunities and challenges relative to the expansion of our culture.

Produces organizational strategy and plans to meet training and development needs, and manage training delivery, measurement, and follow-up as necessary.

Designs training courses and programs necessary to meet training needs, which include delivering training experiences personally, developing training plans, developing training materials, administering training courses, consulting with managers and team leaders, co-training with team members that have completed train-the-trainer, and individual.

Organizes training settings and accommodations as required to achieve efficient training delivery.

Arranges for the maintenance of all necessary equipment and materials relating to the effective delivery and measurement of training.

Ensures all training activities and materials meet with relevant company and statutory policies, including health and safety, employment and equality laws.

Monitors and reports on activities, costs, and performance as required.

Develops self, and maintains knowledge in relevant fields at all times.

Performs all other duties as assigned.