Head of Marketing – Freud America, Inc

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The Head of Marketing Communications is a multi-functional marketing strategist that delivers a unique combination of technical, creative, organizational, and business planning skills.

This position is responsible for marketing strategy, Global Brand Development & Management, product commercialization, co-branding relationships, market research and all external company communications. The goal of this position is to support and foster the high sales growth potential of the company and strengthen the company’s brand awareness.

3. Scope: Please provide relevant numerical measures describing position scope where applicable:

# Associates supervised (direct and indirect):

Annual Sales Volume Responsibility:

Annual Budget Responsibility in USD:
$8.5 Million
Other key metrics (describe):

4. Primary Duties and Accountabilities: Describe the major recurring duties that the job performs. List primary accountabilities that consume the most time and have the greatest impact first. Estimate the percent of working time that each duty requires. The duties should total to 100% and be limited to no more than seven (7) key duties.

Note: Please describe any unique physical demands required for the position associated to the primary duties, i.e., must be able to lift 60 lbs, must be able to operate an automobile, etc.

Primary Duties and Accountabilities
(Begin each duty with an action verb such as maintain, assemble, assess, attend, schedule, troubleshoot, recommend, review, etc.)
Percent (%) of Time Spent
Create and successfully implement a Results-Driven Marketing Strategy:
· Provide the marketing vision, strategic direction and tactical implementation for hyper – growth company while maintaining an approved marketing C-budget
· Create successful go-to-market strategy and commercialization plan for new product launches
· Participate as a key member of company’s leadership executive board; collaborated with other leadership members to develop and set company’s annual goals, create 3-5 year go-to-market strategies, and identify/resolve company risks.
· Create “bigger-than-life” marketing campaigns for key hero product series, resulting in double-digit sales growth

Effectively Manage Company Brands & Key Partnerships:
· Manage company’s brand world-wide and developed brand styleguide to drive consistency across all communication vehicles such as websites, merchandisers, collateral, business cards, etc.
· Establish communications to describe company profile, history, values and innovation story for employees, new hires, and key customer presentations.
· Pitch and negotiate any new co-branding partnerships as well as managed existing partnerships
· Work directly with sales leaders to create and assist in pitching critical presentations to key partners such as The Home Depot and Amazon resulting in new business and expansion of existing product categories.

Create Engaging External Communications:
· Develop very talented in-house marketing team who produce over 95% of all marketing activities including video production, website design, POP, merchandisers/displays, photography, social media, PR, events, etc.
· Develop company social media program, established online brand identity, managed social media content strategy implementation and analyzed KPIs to maximize ROI.
· Create company’s digital and online marketing strategy to include personalization and automation as well as implement new enhancements from trends.
· Successfully implement multiple media events with important members of the industry press and key bloggers to launch new products and create brand awareness.
· Generate blogger / influencer marketing strategy that identifies key market bloggers with large groups of followers and established relationship for greatest exposure for product placement, new product reviews and brand excitement in the market.
· Manage external PR agency for targeted campaign execution and product sampling.

Deliver Key Internal Communications:
· Monitor and provide real-time updates to the leadership team regarding external factors that could affect the company brand and sales goals.
· Provide consistent communication to the sales team regarding marketing updates, new product launches, training material and sales support.
· Manage and enhance the sales support and company communication tools; www.freudteam.com intranet, internal iPad apps and company quarterly update conference call.
· Implement when needed company crisis management policy and process for all employees to follow.