Head of Marketing – GoPro

GoPro’s mission is to enable expression and celebration of human passion. No company has enabled the capturing and sharing of the human experience like GoPro. What originally began as an idea to help athletes self-document themselves engaged in sport, GoPro has become a mobile storytelling solution that helps the world share itself through immersive, personal and engaging content.
Founded by Nick Woodman in 2003, GoPro’s first product was a wrist strap to help capture video and images while surfing. Since these humble beginnings, GoPro has exploded into a globally recognized brand and has sold 30 million cameras. Culminating in an IPO in 2014, GoPro has continued upon its growth trajectory and has solidified itself as a sustainable and disruptive business at the intersection of consumer electronics, content and bleeding edge software solutions.
GoPro’s business is transforming, with sixty percent of revenue now coming from outside of the United States. The Karma drone has been well received by the market, quickly capturing 20% market share in the premium, $1,000+ drone market. GoPro has also made lengthy strides with a new offering of software and cloud services. Quik Stories now provides the world’s most robust automated video editing solution and has made capturing and sharing content easier than ever. Paired with the highly successful launch of Hero 5 and the upcoming release of GoPro’s Fusion 360 Camera, 2017 is proving to be a landmark year for the company.
Now led by Chief Operating Officer and consumer internet veteran, CJ Prober, the GoPro team is in search of a new Head of Marketing to lead their global marketing organization and operations. This executive will be a key player in GoPro’s executive leadership team and continued international expansion.
Company Highlights:
● 2016 Revenue of $1.18B. 30 Million cameras sold to date.
● Exceeded revenue guidance Q1 2017. EBIDTA Positive Projected 2017
● #1 selling camera on earth.
● #1 consumer electronics brand on Instagram and #3 brand on YouTube.
● Team of 330 athletes and social advocates producing content reaching XXX Millions of consumers.
● 1200 Employees across multiple, global offices.
Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, CJ Prober, the Head of Marketing is responsible for creating and driving all marketing initiatives for GoPro. This executive will lead a team of 150 talented marketers and creatives to drive global awareness and demand for GoPro’s products and services. This includes the functional groups driving brand strategy, public relations, performance marketing, creative, international marketing, product marketing, and corporate marketing.
We want a highly quantitative, inspirational leader; one who can lead a robust team building an industry changing company with passion, drive, and strong business skills. In general we are looking for someone that views marketing through the lens of ROI and appreciates the science of marketing as much as the art.
The most critical deliverables include:
● Shift the culture of the GoPro marketing organization to one that is obsessed with data. Establish clear KPIs with a mindset of full-funnel marketing.
● Continue expansion into international markets and drive international marketing strategy.
● Recruit, mentor and retain a core team of senior marketing leaders.
● Establish an in house, highly adaptable, performance marketing team. Reduce dependency on agencies.
● Build upon innovation in marketing. Explore increased leverage of social advocates, new ways to launch
products and promote a culture of risk taking and confidence within marketing.
● Lead a globally recognized brand and drive execution for brand roadmap.
● Drive operational excellence in process and execution. Promote efficient use of resources.
The goal at GoPro is to enable immersive sharing of user generated content and provide amazing products to do so. Great leadership, management, marketing process and vision are essential – along with personal commitment and passion for the role.
Essential background characteristics are:
● 15+ Years of progressive marketing experience in fast paced, high growth product or software driven companies.
● Strong leadership and decision making abilities. You are comfortable leading globally distributed teams of 100+.
● Experience launching and marketing products in multiple international markets.
● Proven ability to leverage data to drive key marketing and business decisions. Develop a model to tie in our
global sell through to direct marketing spend.
● Fearless approach to breaking new ground and pushing brands to market.
● Sound budgeting, forecasting and analytical skills.
● Success as a leader. Proven ability to attract and successfully manage superstar level marketers and creatives.
● Proven ability to “scale” an organization. Built marketing infrastructure and operations in a high growth
● Quality companies in the background. Pedigree counts. Experience operating at scale.
● An educational background that includes quality institutions.

Recognizing the scarcity of the “perfect candidate,” the stronger the combination of experiences and/or criteria above, the stronger the candidate for this role.
Coupled with one’s experience are the personal qualities that determine an individual’s ability to lead and be credible with
and external audiences. Such qualities include:
● A pro-active, hands-on individual able to command respect of the entire organization through leadership, intelligence, hard work, and presence.
● An evangelist; personal passion and fervor for industry-leading next generation technology.
● Clear entrepreneur, comfortable with risks, gutsy – can’t be timid.
● Strategic thinker – able to operate as a senior officer and influence go to market/product strategy.
● A great communicator. Someone who can determine and distill powerful messages in a way that truly resonates
with customers and other key stakeholders.
● Team player. Track record of building positive relationships with peers and others within a company.
● Continuous and thoughtful listener, able to learn from customers and leverage input.
● Strong personal work ethic; establishes, and concentrates on high priority issues. Action and results oriented.
● Committed to building a successful long-term business.
● Unquestionable integrity, credibility, and character; demonstrated high moral and ethical behavior.
For more information about this opportunity, or to refer candidates, please contact Nicole North at 415-462-8322 or nicole@spmb.com or
Ross McLaughlin at 415-462-8312 or ross@spmb.com