MSCI Global Head of Index Marketing New York

7 WTC, 250 Greenwich Street, NY, NY 10007

Job Title Global Head of Index Marketing

Level Executive Director

Location New York or London

Reports to Darla Hastings, CMO and Managing Director (New York)


The Global Head of Index Marketing plays a leadership role in driving growth of MSCI’s Index business, bringing tangible value to the table in helping BMU executives form and continually refine their business vision and strategies. He or she translates these strategies into comprehensive marketing plans and ensures that the plans are executed efficiently and in ways that are most likely to produce measurable results.


  • Serves as the Index BMU’s principal point of contact for marketing services

  • Produces meaningful metrics for the Index business and offers fact-based insights to help guide strategies for brand positioning, client retention and development, pricing, product innovation, industry partnerships, and cost-effective methods for attracting new business to the firm

  • Develops and manages marketing plans to stimulate ongoing revenue growth and to support special events and initiatives, such as new product launches

  • Provides information with which to understand the attributes and needs of key client segments and develops ways to reach each segment with the right products and value propositions

  • Directs the work of Marketing team members to ensure that it is on target and meets quality standards. This work includes:

  • Industry and client research

  • Competitive intelligence gathering

  • Message development

  • Media outreach

  • Advertising

  • Content development for the website, sales presentations, marketing collateral and RFP responses

  • Marketing of thought capital (papers, videos, speaking engagements, etc.)

  • Events

  • Works with marketing managers for key clients, such as iShares and Fidelity Investments, on joint marketing initiatives

  • Collaborates with Sales, Consulting and Client Service teams around the world to identify marketing challenges and opportunities and find productive ways to address them

  • Works with BMU executives, the CMO and the Finance team to build and manage marketing budgets


  • An MBA degree or the equivalent

  • A minimum of 10 years of marketing experience, with at least five years in the financial services industry

  • Experience in marketing to both institutions (pension funds, asset managers, hedge funds, brokers, insurance companies, banks) and financial advisors

  • Hands-on knowledge of the products offered by index providers

  • Very strong analytical capabilities. An ability to quickly spot issues and trends in complex data sets and a talent for translating statistics into “stories” that have meaning and usefulness for internal decision makers and potential clients

  • Outstanding communication skills — a very strong writer and presenter

  • Experience in managing large-scale, global projects

  • A proven ability to maintain a balance between innovation and execution. Must be able to think outside the box while also staying realistic about what is possible given the constraints of time, money and organizational will

  • A passion for achieving a deeper and deeper understanding the business and its potential in the marketplace, for finding innovative solutions to complex marketing problems, and for continually improving the effectiveness of MSCI’s marketing activities

  • A tendency to listen more and talk less. A preference for teamwork and collaboration over individual achievement

Richard J. Eininger, Partner

The Sotland Group, Inc.

845-568-5600, x-210