SVP, Global e-Commerce at VSP Global in Sacramento, CA

SVP, Global E-Commerce
Company: VSP Global Location: Sacramento, CA
Salary/Wage: DOE Status: Full Time Employee
Job Category: Not Selected
Job Description
Company Overview
VSP Global is a complementary group of leading companies, working together to service the needs of eye care professionals, clients, and more than 63 million members. Combining the strength and expertise of each of these companies, VSP Global provides benefits, services, products, and solutions that are unparalleled in the optical industry. Eye care professionals look to VSP Global as a trusted partner to deliver the very best patient experience and to ensure an exceptional relationship between eye care provider and patient.

The VSP Global portfolio of companies include

  • VSP Vision Care – The largest vision benefits and services company in the United States with 63 million members. One in 6 people in the U.S. get their vision benefits through VSP Vision Care. The #1 vision care services company in North America, and as a not-for-profit, their customer centric approach leads to meaningful and long-term client relationships.
  • Marchon and Altair Eyewear – The #3 eyewear company in the world. They design and manufacture for brands like Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, Dragon Alliance, Emilio Pucci, Jil Sander, Lacoste, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Nautica, Nike, Nine West, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sean John, Valentino, Revlon, and others, sold through upscale optical retailers and department stores across the U.S.
  • Eye Designs – The leader in developing innovative merchandising displays and interiors for the Ophthalmic Industry for 20 years. Their dedicated professionals are the premier resource in planning, designing and producing an appealing and welcoming optical environment.
  • Eyefinity – The #1 optical software company in the U.S., a leader of innovative e‑Commerce and practice management solutions and software with nearly 30 years’ experience.
  • VSP Optics Group – VSP Optics Group provides a broad range of ophthalmic products and services to VSP’s network of 30,000 private practice ophthalmologists. VSP Optics Group includes VSPOne Optical Technology Centers, which have served eye care professionals as industry leaders in new technologies for nearly four decades through its seven wholly owned laboratories, partner labs and management of a robust contract lab network throughout the United States.

Headquartered in the Sacramento, CA area, VSP Global also has locations across the United States and more than 15 countries internationally. VSP Global’s revenues are about $3.7 billion and growing, and the company is very strong, financially. For more information, please visit

Position Overview
The new “SVP, Global e-Commerce” for VSP Global will oversee the online channels for each VSP operating company with end-to-end responsibility across the customer experience lifecycle—acquisition, conversion, retention, up-sell/cross-sell. As part of this work, the new “SVP, Global e-Commerce” will need to design and drive the integration of all Digital channels, across all operating companies, and improve the overall, collective shopping experience–and communications experience—for VSP customers and eye care professionals.

In this effort, the “SVP, Global e-Commerce” will leverage a broad range of Digital and online Retail capabilities to engage, acquire and retain customers. Together with the SVP, Global Strategic Marketing, they will co-manage all Online Marketing efforts, including Display, E‑Mail, SEO, SEM, Retargeting, Affiliate, Social Media, strategic (online) partnerships, and web site (customer experience, content management, shopping cart), etc. This work will require close collaboration with each of the five VSP business heads, with Marketing, Product, and IT leaders, and with other commercial functions inside each operating company. This work will also include managing external vendors, consultants and digital agencies, seeking common platforms and other operating efficiencies across business units. Proven e-Commerce experience and Online Marketing expertise, including Consumer Insights, UI/UX, copy writing, web design, front-end engineering, QA, AB/muilti-variate Testing, and fast-paced content production are also essential for qualified candidates.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Segmentation & Targeting – The new “SVP, Global e-Commerce” will work with Marketing leaders from each brand/concept to identify the highest potential customers (both consumers and appropriate eye care professionals) who offer the greatest Lifetime Customer Value (LCV), in order to appropriately allocate Marketing resources and meet VSP’s financial hurdles. This targeting process may require segmentation research to drive design and utilization of proprietary databases (both current VSP customers, and new customers), which can be optimized for each critical brand, product, concept and channel.
  • Digital Customer Acquisition – As a top priority, and critical to delivering the company’s financial objectives, the new “SVP, Global e-Commerce” will drive customer acquisition to ensure VSP meets its new customer goals across key segments (both consumers and eye care professionals). This work will include optimizing the online Digital Marketing mix, including Online Display, Retargeting, E-Mail, SEO/SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Mobile, and Storefronts, all to achieve net new customer adds, funnel conversion, CPA, and LCV objectives.
  • Customer Retention & Development – Another key priority will be to develop and optimize all Digital Marketing programs which increase the LCV of the VSP customer base by increasing retention and loyalty (continual replenishment), and maximizing the customer experience and value. This person will continually seek opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of VSP’s current Digital Marketing programs in all customer life-stages. Retention will require leveraging online Marketing in close coordination with offline Marketing, and this will be coordinated with multiple teams—and functions—internally.
  • Deliver Superior Online Experiences – The “SVP, Global e-Commerce” will set the stage for the continual innovation of VSP in the global, online space. They will create and optimize the website experience with an increased level of scale and the ability to increase traffic, drive conversion and enhance engagement. The stage is set for someone to help lead the UI design team (web designers, front-end developers, copy writers) and delivery of an exceptional customer experience (UX) in the Digital channel—one that allows VSP members, prospects and shoppers to be educated and inspired, and one that allows for tailoring and self-service to individual visitor (consumer, eye care professional) needs. The goal is to create a web experience that is meaningfully differentiated and preferred, and in-line with the innovative/forward-looking Eye Care Experience at VSP and with the expectations of web-savvy consumers and eye care professionals.
  • E-Commerce – Primary responsibility for driving revenue by improving conversion rates and increasing the number of transactions online, across all VSP operating companies and concepts, and leveraging the web to drive efficiencies across the CRM life-cycle. This responsibility includes owning and managing a portfolio of VSP-owned and VSP-branded websites and storefronts. This will be supported by best-in-class e-Commerce resources. The focus will be on both the installed base of current VSP members and customers, as well as the pursuit and acquisition of new VSP members and customers (and eye care professionals), at the appropriate time going forward.
  • Continual Process Optimization – Utilize leadership and leading “design thinking” to create a VSP culture that stimulates and sustains Web innovation. Roll-out processes that drive feature and functionality improvements efficiently and cost effectively to meet the fast moving needs of each VSP business. This includes function-wide planning, measurement, and “share the learning” approaches that will help improve the online shopping and communications experience, and drive VSP business growth across operating companies.
  • Budget and Agency Management – This person will establish and manage annual Digital operating and capital budgets, and will work closely with other functions and VSP portfolio companies to ensure delivery of the forecast. They will also be the principal liaison with all external Digital agencies and Interactive suppliers, which will require constantly pushing for “best-in-class” solutions and value-based vendor pricing.
  • Functional Management & Development – The new “SVP, Global e-Commerce” will be responsible for enhancing company-wide e-Commerce and Digital Marketing competencies (e.g., Online Display, Retargeting, Web Experience, E-Mail, SEO/SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Mobile and Storefront) by overseeing and improving organizational design, structure, priorities, management processes and reporting information systems. This person will be responsible for hiring and developing new e-Commerce talent, as needed.

Performance & Success Measures
The new “SVP, Global e-Commerce,” will report directly to Mr. Michael Hansen, President of the Retail Development Division for VSP Global (with indirect links to the heads of each operating company). Mr. Hansen started with VSP Global at the start of this year after nearly three decades with Luxottica. His most recent senior executive positions included Vice President of Sunglass Hut Business Development and Store Operations, leading Mergers and Acquisitions and the growth of licensed business models with Macy’s and Hudson’s. Prior to this role, he was Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Luxury Retail group, where he led the development and launch of Luxottica’s first luxury retail brand, Ilori. Michael also held the position of Senior Vice President, Strategic Environments, where his team built Sunglass Hut’s first flagship store in Times Square.

Key Internal Operating Relationships

  • President, Retail Development
  • Leadership of VSP Vision Care, Marchon, Eyefinity and VSP Optics Group
  • SVP, Global Strategic Marketing
  • Product
  • Finance

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive base salary
  • Annual incentive/bonus; LTIP
  • 401K, comprehensive health care benefits
  • Paid time off, Vacation
  • Relocation assistance to the greater Sacramento, CA area

Candidate Profile

Experience Base

  • E-Commerce Experience – Recent experience managing an online business or online retail channels (for a business selling in B&M channels, too), and developing Digital Marketing plans to drive that business (with an understanding of the current eCRM marketplace and agencies/suppliers).
  • Online Marketing – Experience contributing to Digital Marketing plans with an understanding of the current online customer acquisition channels and agencies/suppliers. Must be familiar with a variety of tools, including E-Mail, Display Advertising, Affiliate, SEO/SEM, Retargeting, Social Media, and Mobile. Must have a keen sense of tactical execution in the space.
  • Consumer Experience/Site Design – Experience overseeing all consumer facing site management functions of user experiential design, A/B testing, organic search, checkout, Facebook commerce, social monitoring, and Web analytics.
  • Functional/Team Development – Demonstrated success building organizational capabilities through process design, organizational development, recruiting and training high-performing Marketing teams.

Skill Set

  • Strong relationship management and interpersonal skills (high EQ)
  • World-class UI/UX, web design and release management (technically proficient)
  • Web Analytics and Digital Marketing (understands how to execute)
  • Influencing skills (proven ability to persuade others towards an idea or goal)
  • Organized and attention-to-detail approach (strong tactical execution)
  • Innovative (need fresh, imaginative thinking)
  • Organizational leadership and team development (leads through influence)
  • Translates core business strategies into actionable initiatives (service orientation)
  • Intellectual horsepower (highly creative and strategic)
  • Listening skills (listen first, then respond)
  • Highly resourceful (stretches people and money; compresses time)
  • Ability to express ideas clearly both verbally and in writing (communication excellence)
  • Commercial mentality (keen understanding of P&L & financial analysis)

Personality Profile

  • Collaborative
  • Self-directed/motivated
  • Pioneering spirit/drive
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Results orientation
  • Enthusiastic
  • Tenacious work ethic
  • High integrity and trustworthy
  • Intellectually curious
  • Selfless (ego in-check)
Contact Information
Company: VSP Global
Contact: David G. Wiser, Principal Partner – Cincinnati, OH Office
E-mail: Apply by Email
Phone (M): (513) 919-4000