SVP of Marketing – Baltimore, MD


· Acquisition/retention/life cycle management person. Analytical marketer who’s constantly running campaigns, fluent in all forms of acquisition, both digital and offline. The kind of marketer a CFO would love.

· The product is home schooling. This requires tapping and testing a variety of means of lead generation, but a very gentle touch once engaged with the firm. It’s about the kids, and they’re often coming from a troubled place (bullying, moving during school year, problems with public schools, etc.) Telling vs. selling works. Someone who has the ear and sensitivity to find that balance of delivering results, but doing so in the right way for the category.

· Very strong in social media, gets the community concept and how to leverage, active personally in social media, understands the trends, and knows how to utilize this area for lead generation and customer service.

· A do-er mentality is required while also have leadership attributes.

· Attracted by the mission orientation of our company and category.

· This person will play a key role in the transition of non-profit to a competitive private organization.

· Collaborating with a marketing-focused CEO (with a terrific personality) is part of the position.

· $150 – $175 with bonus

If interested in this position, please contact Pete Krainik at