VP Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Healthy Directions

Company Overview
Healthy Directions, a Helen of Troy Company (NYSE: HELE), is the leading direct-toconsumer
retailer of doctor-developed nutritional supplements and skincare products and is
known for its expert natural health guidance and premium, science-backed formulations.
The Company’s proprietary product lines are sold under the names of its doctors:
Dr. Whitaker, Dr. Sinatra, Dr. David Williams, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. Tabor, Dr. Pergolizzi, Dr.
Xu and Dr. Wurtman. Since the publication of their first health newsletter over 20 years
ago, Healthy Directions’ mission has been to help consumers lead healthier, happier lives
and provide a healthy, positive environment for employees.
Healthy Directions markets direct to consumer primarily via direct mail, catalogs, print
newsletters and e-commerce, and has recently started testing into direct response
television. The Company operates four websites: DrWhitaker.com, DrDavidWilliams.com,
DrSinatra.com and its multi-doctor platform HealthyDirections.com. In addition to providing
consumers with targeted, doctor-guided information on how to prevent, treat and/or cope
with common health conditions and ailments, Healthy Directions offers a broad assortment
of products for heart health, digestion, joint health, vision health, general health, weight
loss, anti-aging, pain management and more. The company encourages its customers to
sign up for its convenient and flexible continuity service called AutoDelivery.
Healthy Directions’ advanced doctor-developed formulas use therapeutic doses of proven,
active ingredients based on the latest scientific research to ensure each and every product
is as effective as possible. All Healthy Directions’ supplements are tripled-tested for quality
assurance. This includes independent laboratory testing to confirm Healthy Directions’
products meet purity and potency specifications. The company is proud to have an A+
rating from the Better Business Bureau and abides by the code of ethics from the Council for
Responsible Nutrition.

Healthy Directions’ commitment to its customers’ quality of life is supported by the wealth
of health information and doctor guidance found online. In addition to recommendations on
how to choose and use each brand and product effectively, the Healthy Directions’ websites
provide consumers with in-depth information and lifestyle advice to address their specific
concerns and/or conditions. Customers also have the opportunity to interact directly with
experts through social media.
Healthy Directions is headquartered just outside Washington D.C. in Bethesda, Maryland.
For more information on the company and its brands, please visit www.healthydirections.com.
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Position Overview
The “VP, Digital Marketing and eCommerce” will oversee all Digital acquisition,
funnel conversion, engagement and cross-sell/up-sell efforts with a focus on
driving profitable, organic growth and maximizing Lifetime Customer Value (LTV).
This is a senior-level—and critical—position, ultimately responsible for developing
and executing the company’s Digital growth agenda in terms of customer count,
spend and revenue. To date, Healthy Directions has done a solid job growing its online
business as a complement to its legacy print Direct Marketing efforts, but it needs to grow
faster to have Digital represent a growing percentage of total revenue and contribution. The
VP, Digital Marketing and eCommerce will be directly responsible for managing and building
a talented team to drive growth, innovation and a better user experience. As the installed
base of customers grows, it will be critical to expand revenue by converting as many new
customers as possible to the AutoDelivery continuity program. LTV should be maximized via
effective conversion and engagement strategies while cross-selling a broader basket of
supplement products to already-loyal customers.
Scope of Responsibilities
• Hands-On Team Leadership – The new VP, Digital Marketing and eCommerce, will lead
a growing team of marketing, merchandising and technical professionals to achieve
aggressive revenue and profit goals across all vehicles (Email, SEM, SEO, Display,
Affiliate, Social etc.) and will also jump in with proven expertise to assist in setting up and
developing these campaigns and initiatives. This individual will be responsible for
enhancing online Marketing competencies, capabilities and “Best Practices” by overseeing
and improving organizational design, structure, priorities, management processes and
reporting information systems. He/she will evaluate existing employee competency levels
and be responsible for retaining those with superior talent/energy and hiring, developing
and promoting new talent.
• Customer Acquisition – As a top priority for the company, and critical to maintaining
the long-term health of the business and its portfolio of Brands, the new VP, Digital
Marketing and eCommerce will lead and drive profitable customer acquisition to ensure
HD meets its “net add” customer goals, across all doctor brands and products. The VP,
Digital Marketing and eCommerce will work to optimize testing capabilities (A/B,
Champion/Challenger, multivariate) and protocols, across the online Marketing mix
(Social Media, Referral Programs, Affiliates, Display, SEO/SEM, Email Marketing,
Retargeting and Mobile Media) and work closely with the entire marketing team to drive
synergies across channels, notably print and DRTV. He/she will develop and monitor
performance of all Marketing activities against business goals and metrics, defining which
channels and tactical programs drive the optimal CPA while delivering MROI objectives.
• Segmentation and Targeting – This individual will be responsible for helping identify
the highest potential customers offering the greatest LTV and appropriately allocating
Digital efforts and resources to capitalize on these segments in a manner that meets HD’s
financial hurdles and aggressive growth objectives. This targeting process may require
additional segmentation research to help drive the design and utilization of a proprietary
prospect database, which will be optimized for each critical customer segment, product
category and online channel/touch-point. Strategic plans must support the overall
architecture and essence of the brands.
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Scope of Responsibilities continued
• Retention & Loyalty – Continue to develop, test, learn, implement, measure and course
correct as needed, the optimal contact and segmentation strategy to determine “the right
message to the right customer through the right channel at the right time” in order to
increase loyalty, maximize retention and enhance LTV. Deliver these goals by utilizing
relevant, targeted communications, life-cycle management and other CRM tactics.
• Cross-Sell & Up-Sell – Develop targeted efforts to encourage customers to upgrade to line
extensions, buy additional supplements and increase quantity purchased in addition to
enrolling in the AutoDelivery service. As the company grows, and extends into new categories
and segments, this effort will be critical to enhancing customer LTV, as well as overall
company profitability.
• Promotional Offer Development – Establish and communicate strategic priorities to
the Creative team in advance of promotional calendar development, and maintain
strategic priorities all the way through final production (working with Creative and Brand
Management teams) to ensure that the promotions—and offers—are relevant to, and
welcomed by, the target consumer, and consistent with broader short-term and long-term
brand and financial objectives.
• Continuity Leadership – Oversee all aspects of the Company’s AutoDelivery service
online including enrollments, stick rates, win-backs, saves and add-a-program working in
close collaboration with the VP AutoDelivery. Work cross-functionally to develop online
AutoDelivery account management to change delivery dates, change quantities, update
credit card information, cancel the service, etc. The continuity program has extremely
attractive economic returns and must be continually monitored and maximized to ensure
its appeal to new customers and current participants.
• Content Marketing – Manage the in-house editorial team that develops original health
content in close collaboration with the doctors. Content types include print newsletters,
premiums, blogs, social media posts, videos, webinars, white papers, press releases,
quizzes, etc. Develop and achieve measurable goals around natural search traffic, email
leads generated and Facebook fan base and engagement.
• Brand Stewardship – While not directly responsible for managing the portfolio of doctor
brands, this individual will be a senior Marketing leader for the company, and as such,
should collaborate and interact with all the Marketing leaders, internal creative personnel,
as well as with external agency partners, to ensure all HD acquisition and loyalty
programs differentiate and enhance HD and the doctor brands—while reflecting its
strategic position and essence—across all customer touch-points, and all relevant
digital channels.
• Analytics & Insights – The VP, Digital Marketing and eCommerce will play a leadership
role in evolving and enhancing the company’s Analytics capabilities. This will include
identifying and defining critical information needs across the Marketing operation, and
developing a suite of platforms, tools and data sources which will provide the information
required to inform better decision-making. This work will include: 1) capture, analyze, and
activate, comprehensive consumer & marketplace data; 2) build predictive and robust
analytics capabilities; 3) enable personalization across the consumer contact experience
algorithmically and with automation; and 4) feed other Marketing functions and
departments (i.e., New Product Development, Brand Management, AutoDelivery) with
rich, relevant and actionable consumer insights based on data infrastructure.
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Scope of Responsibilities continued
• Financial Management – Develop an annual budget and quarterly reforecasts in
collaboration with the SVP Marketing and based on strategic guidance from the Brand
Leaders. Manage the Online Team’s overhead budget, and negotiate and manage financial
terms with external partners and vendors for online activities.
Performance & Success Measures
• Growth of active online buyers
• Total # of annual new-to-file online customers
• Customer acquisition at a 12-month breakeven
• Lead generation and long-tail conversion
• Reactivation and retention rates
• Online traffic, conversion rates and AOV
• Growth in Online sales as a percentage of total company sales
• Growth in AutoDelivery sales originating online as a percentage of total company sales
• Marketing ROI (by program/vehicle/channel)
• 360-degree feedback from internal colleagues
Reporting Relationship
The new “VP, Digital Marketing and eCommerce” will report directly to Mr. Duncan
Robinson, SVP, Marketing. Duncan joined Healthy Directions LLC in December 2014.
Previously he served as President and Owner of TransDR LLC, a direct marketing and
customer research consultancy based in Chicago. Prior to that he served in a series of CMO
positions as a private equity investor and operator with Cameron Capital, including Hair Club
For Men, PureBeauty/Beauty First and Herbal Magic. Mr. Robinson started his career in
brand marketing with Procter & Gamble’s MEAGE Division in Geneva, Switzerland. He
has a BA in Soviet Studies from Cornell University and an MBA from INSEAD
(Fontainebleau, France).
Direct Reports
• Executive Director, eCommerce
• Executive Director, Online Content
• Director, Conversion Optimization
• Director, Email
• Senior Manager, PPC
• Senior Manager, SEO
• Senior Manager, Paid Display
Key Internal Operating Relationships
• VP – Offline Marketing
• VP – Design
• VP – Creative and Copywriting
• VP – AutoDelivery
• Executive Director – Decision Support
• Director, Alternative Media
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Compensation & Benefits
• Competitive base salary
• Annual cash performance incentive/bonus
• Long term stock incentive plan
• 401K
• Comprehensive health care benefits
• Relocation assistance to the Bethesda, MD area
Candidate Profile
Experience Base
• Digital Marketing – Candidates must have experience aggressively prospecting for and
acquiring customers and driving profitable E-commerce transactions through digital Marketing
channels to build the customer base and ongoing revenues. Experience leading an Acquisition
Marketing operation at scale in a member or subscription-based online Direct Marketingdriven
business; e.g., Weight Management, Telecom/Wireless, Financial Services (Consumer
Credit, Insurance), Media/Publishing, Health & Beauty, etc. highly desirable. Must be familiar
with a variety of Interactive/Digital Marketing tools, including Email, Re-targeting, Display,
Affiliate/Partnership, SEO/SEM, Social Media, and Mobile. Must have an understanding of
UI/UX and a strong command of testing and analytics protocols.
• Healthcare – Experience in OTC Healthcare (especially Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements)
ideal but not mandatory. Must be a results-oriented digital Marketing expert with a strong
track record of optimizing online Marketing value propositions and program growth.
• Analytical Acumen – Candidates must have the ability to assess disparate data streams
and distill them into meaningful and ultimately actionable strategic recommendations.
They will utilize quantitative and qualitative information to drive insights for different
business units. They must understand how to build and monitor the right dashboards.
• Functional/Team Development – Demonstrated success building organizational
capabilities through process design, organizational development, recruiting, training and
retention of top talent. Additionally, proven success at personally delivering results
(“hands on execution skills” along with delegation abilities).
Skill Set
• World-class Online Marketing skills and execution abilities (technically proficient)
• Innovative and creative thinking balanced with pragmatism (fresh, imaginative thinking)
• Organizational leadership and team development (leads through influence)
• Intellectual horsepower (highly analytical & strategic)
• Drives for results in prioritized manner (balanced sense of urgency)
• Listening skills, minimal ego (listen first, then respond)
• Complex problem-solving, with hands-on ability (create options, then converge)
• Organized and attention-to-detail approach (strong tactical execution)
• Highly resourceful (stretches people and money; compresses time)
• Agile (can adapt quickly to a changing environment)
• Collaborative (works with peers across many functions within the company)
• Financially minded (online P&L responsibility)
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Personality Profile
• Strong leadership skills
• Thrives in non political, positive culture
• Shares passion for Healthy Directions’ wellness mission
• High degree of emotional intelligence
• Self-directed/motivated
• Flexible and adaptable
• Results and achievement orientation with keen commercial mentality
• Accepts responsibility and takes accountability
• Enthusiastic with pride and passion for winning
• Strong work ethic
• Frugal – treats company resources as his/her own
• High integrity and trustworthy
• Comfort working in a fast-paced, highly dynamic work environment
• Unflustered in the face of complexity
• Ego in-check

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