VP Marketing B2B Product – NJ

Recruiter – Donald J. Zinn
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The Role and Responsibilities:
The Vice President of Marketing (VPM) will be responsible for the marketing function of the firm.
She/he will ensure consistent strategy execution, branding and messaging across all Bulbrite
communication platforms, that the right products are available through the right channels and are
priced appropriately, and that there are the proper programs in place to increase the company’s
exposure to existing and new markets so as to help grow sales across its market segments.
Bulbrite is customer focused, and the VPM must build and create an environment that maintains
and advances that over-riding philosophy. In the past, the main relationship with customers has
been with Sales and Customer Service and this is a positive base, but the VPM must buildThis document contains the confidential information Exigent Search Partners Inc. No part of this document may be disclosed or reproduced in any form
without the written consent of Exigent Search Partners Inc. Pa g e 5
customer intimacy into the marketing team as well in order to stay on top of the overall market.
Marketing as an organization must understand the customer and the industry and a key
responsibility of this role is to develop a deeper approach to manage and grow customer loyalty.
Marketing at Bulbrite becomes a broad and deep portfolio of accomplishments – spanning
strategic and tactical/execution efforts – and the VPM is ultimately responsible for the conception,
filtering, coordination, and execution of Bulbrite’s marketing efforts:
 Conception requires an in-depth understanding of what a business-to-business (and now
early stage consumer) lighting technology products company can do – and how the
markets will respond to those products and their associated services – so that Bulbrite
increases market share for both the consumer and trade channels. Conception is a result
of a vision championed by the VPM and the marketing team, and developed in
coordination with sales and company leadership.
o Conception is also about recognizing that processes need to be built to evolve to a
world class marketing organization. The VPM will be adept at developing process
and will not be satisfied by “this is how we have always done it.”
 Filtering requires anticipation and evaluation of potential results so that marketing efforts
can focus on tactics that represent real opportunities with significant potential return on
investment. The VPM should focus the marketing team on excellence in execution, and
producing great marketing within the available budgets and resources.
 Coordination requires the VPM to work closely with the sales team (to be responsive to
the “feet on the street”) and other Bulbrite leaders regarding proposed and on-going
marketing efforts, as well as communicate efforts to employees, as appropriate, to help
build brand excitement and enthusiasm and to achieve internal buy-in on the direction the
company is heading.
 Execution requires that the VPM become adept at building a world class marketing team
that can focus on getting the marketing done.
o Executing with effectiveness will be about mentoring and growing the existing
marketing team as well as adding to the team with capabilities that will round out a
broad marketing capability. Execution at Bulbrite is both about doing – all executives
are hands-on in this entrepreneurial environment – and about developing a team that
is capable of excellence in all aspects of a sophisticated and global marketing
This is an important position, with a full scope of responsibilities that include:
 Being a key leader in the company and a part of the executive leadership team,
immediately earning that right by seeing the bigger picture rather than just marketing.
 Managing the four critical marketing functional areas:
o Strategic Marketing:
Development of the annual marketing strategy and plan with input from/with
the Executive Committee, with consideration to the following:
1. What products should be designed and offered?
2. What Technical capabilities need to be developed within the company
or acquired from outside of the company?
3. What should the marketing channel strategies be?
4. What will set the company and products apart from competitors in the
eyes of customers/prospects?This document contains the confidential information Exigent Search Partners Inc. No part of this document may be disclosed or reproduced in any form
without the written consent of Exigent Search Partners Inc. Pa g e 6
5. What can be bought here that cannot be acquired anywhere else?
6. How will our client communicate with the market?
o Product Management – This is managed in close coordination with the New Product
Development function. The goal here is to select the right product mix, priced to the
market. Bulbrite is not the low cost supplier as it sells based on service (see, THE
BULBRITE PROMISE), but they compete in a commodity marketplace so product
creation and presentation need to be highly competitive to grow market share.
o Product Marketing – This includes all issues that relate to the success of the current
product line – including:
New product introductions
Promotion of existing products
Development of marketing programs and is effective in reaching both the
consumer and trade channels.
Communication of the USP that separates Bulbrite from competition
Supporting sales and the channel with field related programs
o Marketing Services – This is about execution of Product marketing programs.
Primary marketing communications, including but not limited to branding, print
programs, digital marketing (corporate website, email marketing, as well as social
media strategy and implementation). Ensuring the projection of a positive and
consistent corporate image.
 Managing a marketing group of approximately 10 direct reports (including several new
and open positions that need to be hired). This organization is a work in progress – the
right VPM will be able to develop a vision of how to properly staff the multiple functions
outlined for this broad marketing group, and will be responsible for building the team and
the work processes that will result in overall marketing success.
o For example the current Marketing Services team is a team of one – there will need to
be further development of this team and the VPM needs to be the driver of the
development of that and other marketing related teams.
o The product team exists, but also needs to be grown.
o Will also need to coordinate with key external partners that include an advertising
agency, a PR firm, a marketing strategy consulting firm, and a web development and
management partner.
 Supporting and assisting the sales organization with business development and sales
efforts across the organization.
 Maintaining visibility in the market – Bulbrite maintains a very high level of visibility in
certain markets and this is a key to the brand.
 Performing internal research, and analyzing marketing effectiveness, where appropriate.
 Staying abreast of industry and competitive developments.
The right candidate will promote and maintain a positive work atmosphere by behaving and
communicating in a manner consistent with professional standards, forging positive relationships
with co-workers, customers and partners/vendors while living the BE BRITE values.
The successful candidate will establish an environment of trust and collaboration that breeds
loyalty and growth internally (with the rest of the Bulbrite team), and trust externally (with channel
partners and vendor/partners as well as customers). The successful candidate will be able to
positively influence general company and specific marketing direction, strategy and growth.This document contains the confidential information Exigent Search Partners Inc. No part of this document may be disclosed or reproduced in any form
without the written consent of Exigent Search Partners Inc. Pa g e 7
The VPM will become a key brand ambassador and this is a new and key role at Bulbrite. It will
require an individual capable of handling a creative, growth-oriented, active and entrepreneurial
environment with energy, passion and enthusiasm that will be contagious to all.
The Ideal Candidate Profile:
The individual we seek should have a diverse background, skill sets and interests. The
successful candidate will be able to demonstrate an ability to utilize relationship-building skills at
all levels. He or she must have the business skills and credibility that are necessary to earn the
trust and confidence of all aspects of the Bulbrite team in addition to key partners and customers.
The candidate must be self-sufficient but a team player, a leader who is capable of taking
direction, a partner with company sales and innovation leaders, a strategic thinker with an
orientation to detail and a joy of working hands-on and being a part of the solution. The VPM is
someone who works hard but can remember to have fun. The ideal candidate will have a
background that includes evidence of:
 Demonstrated successful marketing experiences. Relevant marketing experience in a
similar or related function; classical consumer products type marketing experience is
important and an understanding of selling B2B (and consumer) electronics, while not a
requirement, would be a plus. This is a broadly defined marketing role – not just
marketing communications but with true product, branding and strategy breadth.
 A proven ability to take on multiple concepts and drive them to complete ideas that take
shape and form and become actionable marketing.
 Leadership skills that are inclusive and comfortable in a business environment that is
transparent and open.
 Humility around a management style that is reflective of an understanding of “servant
hood” – the management at Bulbrite exists to serve their customers, their employees and
stakeholders (and not the other way around). This is a key to the complex corporate
culture that makes this company unique and the right candidate will be comfortable with
this foundation concept.
 Excellent communication skills in general.
o A love of writing and ability to write from a clean slate, from a white board
presentation, from a snippet of conversation.
o An ability to present ideas, powerfully and with technical capabilities (PowerPoint)
 Innovative thinking and execution.
 Flexibility; the ability to adapt to and manage change in a dynamic business environment.
 Mentoring and coaching and developing of people and talent. The right VPM will take
pride in building and developing a high performing team and elevating their performance
on a continual basis.
 Collaborative approaches to problem solving and innovation.
 A sense of urgency and a willingness to pitch in and get things done right.
 Self-management – a demonstrated aptitude to push yourself, to manage yourself and to
always be looking for more to do and how to make a bigger contribution.
 Self-motivated – an ability to do more than is expected, with individual initiative.This document contains the confidential information Exigent Search Partners Inc. No part of this document may be disclosed or reproduced in any form
without the written consent of Exigent Search Partners Inc. Pa g e 8
 Very strong organizational skills – a project manager who can build process.
 High energy and a passion for excellence.
The right candidate will have:
 A strong sense of vision.
 A balance between analytical and strategic capabilities.
 An passion in seeing others succeed and grow.
 A Bachelor’s Degree at minimum; an MBA is preferred.
 Excellent organizational, analytical, communication, interpersonal and managerial skills.
 Applicable experience of 10 – 15 years of related consumer goods and/or B2B marketing,
including leadership experience and a demonstrated ability to emerge as a #1 marketer.
Bulbrite is a world class company that endeavors to be the best, bar none. Bulbrite has focused
on hiring smart and creative people, enabling them to meet customer needs in solving both
complex and the straight forward questions and issues, as needed. They have created a warm
and genuine environment that is non-bureaucratic, with an open forum style of management that
is more interested in innovative thinking than titles and a hierarchy.
The ideal candidate will be comfortable in this environment and will keep that culture alive while
working to build depth to the marketing side of the organization. This person will:
 Be passionate about being able to be hands on while at the same time be a strategic
 Be ready to take on the leadership role for marketing, with a sense of ownership while
creating this role and the view of the entire marketing organization at Bulbrite.
 Want to be involved in creating new marketing efforts that truly impact the entire company
and create real and measurable results that will be rewarded in kind.
 Relish the opportunity to give shape to the brand as it grows.
The ideal candidate will live in the NY/NJ metro area although for the right candidate, relocation
would be considered. For the right marketing leader who…
 Yearns to make a difference.
 Wants to have his/her voice heard.
 Wants to partner in running a successful, profitable and growing business.
 Is creative and tactical, strategic and analytical.
 Wants to step up to or into a lead marketing role and is capable of cultivating a world
class marketing team.
Bulbrite is a company that can captivate you and offer you a long term career opportunity