VP, Marketing for Crown Laboratories

Company Overview
Crown Laboratories is a fully integrated, dermatology-focused, pharmaceutical company
specializing in product commercialization across Consumer Products, Branded Prescription
Products, and Generic Prescription Products. It also provides Contract Development and
Manufacturing Services. With a long-standing heritage in Skin Care, the company is committed
to developing and providing a diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical and consumer products that
improve the quality of life for the company’s customers. The products and technologies they
sell—and continue to innovate—incorporate many of the latest technological advancements and
are specifically designed to help others achieve improved outcomes and a better quality of life.
Because of their enthusiasm for furthering the understanding and treatment of skin and skinrelated
conditions, Crown Laboratories collaborates with researchers, investigators, societies,
foundations and patient advocacy groups worldwide. This focus, along with their dedicated team
of employees and executives, allows the company to provide Healthcare practitioners with
improved solutions for managing the challenges presented by various conditions of the skin.
The company also has strong expertise in the full spectrum of product development and
manufacturing services, from product formulation and clinical development to regulatory filings
and commercial-stage scale up. The company currently employs approximately 200 people and
is privately-held. They’re also an American company that takes great pride in what they do.
Many of Crown’s employees have been with the company for more than 10 years. They care
about their employees and customers. For more information on the company, please visit

Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen was born in Australia, where standards for sunscreens are the
highest in the world. Although Blue Lizard’s products are now manufactured in the U.S., the
company continues to adhere to the most stringent Australian standards because they want to
protect their users’ skin while they play under the sun. What makes this brand unique? Doctors
and Dermatologists love this brand! Blue Lizard is the “brand most recommended by
pediatricians and dermatologists.” Why? Because their products are safe and effective, and
never tested on animals. Blue Lizard is packaged in the company’s patented Smart Bottle
Technology which changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light. This technology allows
consumers to have a readily visible indicator designed to remind them when UV rays are
present. Blue Lizard has a major partnership and sponsorship deal with the Chicago Cubs and
New York Yankees while also being involved with the PGA via MD Anderson and the Women’s
Tennis Association (WTA). Furthermore, Blue Lizard is directly promoted to dermatologist
nationwide by the company’s Brand Rx sales force. Blue Lizard is rapidly expanding distribution
in the U.S. and is currently sold in major retail accounts like Wegmans, Marsh, Giant Eagle,
HEB, Weis Markets, Toys-R-Us, Babies-R-Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, Eastern Mountain Sports,
Harris Teeter, Lowe’s Foods, and others. Blue Lizard is the #1-selling sunscreen on Amazon,
and the brand is sold DTC, off their own eCommerce platform. The brand is also carried by
major wholesalers like Cardinal, McKesson and ABC.


Position Overview
This new “Vice President, Marketing” will have leadership responsibility for all
Marketing and Innovation functions across the Consumer Products and Branded
Prescription Products business units, inclusive of the Blue Lizard Australian
Sunscreen business. Their work will require deploying insightful, innovative consumer and
professional Marketing programs across the Consumer Products and Branded Prescription
Products business units, and by developing a compelling Innovation pipeline of new
initiatives through close collaboration with a multi-functional Crown Labs team. This is a line
role with P&L accountability and includes responsibility for all Marketing staff and agencies.
The new VP, Marketing will also work closely with the senior leadership team, to identify and
assess potentially attractive acquisitions for Crown Labs, in the Skin Care category.


Scope of Responsibilities
Brand Stewardship – Serve as a passionate steward, advocate and gatekeeper for the
Blue Lizard brand and the equity it has built over time, as well as Crown’s branded Rx
products. Champion any necessary refinements of each brand’s strategic positioning and
architecture, derived from a data-based understanding of consumer and competitive
Skin/Sun Care brand health measures, as well as a keen understanding of ever-changing
competitive, technological, Professional/Dermatological and customer environments.
Revenue, Expense & Profits – As the effective GM of the business, the VP, Marketing
will be responsible for building and executing Product, Marketing and Sales/Trade
strategies to deliver the Revenue and EBITDA objectives for this business. This will
involve working closely with key functional leaders (primarily, Sales) in the company to
leverage their expertise and deliver a more holistically effective business.
Strategic & Tactical Marketing Planning – Based on the financial objectives of the
business and deep understanding of the consumer and market, the VP, Marketing will
architect integrated annual Brand, Sales/Trade and Marketing plans (both Consumer and
Professional), and then execute these plans leveraging a team of cross-functional resources.
He/she will optimize the execution over time and make appropriate course-corrections to
continually improve the performance of these plans. Marketing tactics can include all
traditional offline and online levers, such as TV, Print, PR, Sampling, Professional Detailing,
Direct Mail, E-Mail, SEO, SEM, Retargeting, Affiliate, Social Media, PR, Blogs, and Mobile.
Professional Marketing Support – As a critical part of the annual Marketing plan,
develop Professional Marketing plans that are designed to drive brand-specific
recommendations for the line of Blue Lizard products, and prescriptions for the branded
Rx portfolio. Consumers (particularly mothers) are highly influenced by recommendations
from their doctors (GP’s, Derms, Pediatricians) and other Healthcare professionals who
they respect (Nurses, Pharmacists), and Blue Lizard’s success, as a company, has been
built on a foundation of trust and exchange with these professionals. This Marketing effort
might also include targeted Print Advertising, Sampling, Direct Mail, Sales Collateral,
Conventions, White Papers, etc.
Innovation, Optimization – The new VP, Marketing will leverage deep understanding of
both the consumer and broader marketplace to develop an opportunistic vision of how to
grow the business over time. This will include both product and commercial innovations
that enable the business to gain competitive advantage and strengthen the business’
financial performance.
Consumer Understanding, Segmentation & Targeting – The new VP, Marketing will
be responsible for overseeing Research and Insights efforts to uncover actionable and
important consumer insights that can be leveraged across Product Development,
Marketing and Sales. This will include developing a quantitatively-derived, insight-based
segmentation framework that identifies logical segments to serve, which can be used to
more effectively allocate Marketing and R&D resources.
Functional Development – Strengthen the Blue Lizard and Rx Marketing teams’
functional capabilities and performance, through more formalized training and personal
development efforts, as well as strategic staffing enhancements, over time. This individual
will be responsible for enhancing the Marketing horsepower of the team, as a critical
strategy for delivering better Marketing, and accelerated growth.


Performance & Success Measures
• Revenue, Gross Margin, EBITDA (year-over-year increase)
• Brand Health metrics (Awareness, Trial, Preference, Equity)
• Success metrics (ROI, NPV) on new brand and new product launches
• In-Store Presence (Distribution, Shelving, Merchandising, Pricing and Visibility)
• Professional recommendations for “Blue Lizard,” by name
• Marketing and Trade spending effectiveness/efficiency (ROI)
• 360-degree internal feedback (successful integration into the company)


Reporting Relationships
The new “VP, Marketing” for Blue Lizard will report to Mr. Gaylord VanGuilder,
EVP, Commercial Operations. Mr. VanGuilder is a seasoned executive who has spent the
past 15 years on the entrepreneurial side of the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and
Healthcare industries with companies such as ECR Pharmaceuticals (branded division of
Hi-Tech Pharmacal), Clinical Data, Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Connetics Corporation and
PediaMed. Mr. VanGuilder brings to Crown Laboratories vast commercial experience
spanning multiple facets of sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, trade
relations, national accounts, managed markets, analytics, commercial operations, and
business development.


Staff & Resources
The VP, Marketing position will initially include a team of approximately 6 individuals,
including a Consumer Brand Strategist who currently is responsible for the brand and
5 Marketing support staff. It is anticipated this team will grow as additional acquisitions are
made, and/or as the brands accelerate their organic growth.


Key Internal Operating Relationships
• EVP, Commercial Operations
• VP, Sales
• VP, Research & Development
• Director, Finance
• Prescription Brand Strategist

Compensation & Benefits
• Competitive base salary
• Annual incentive/bonus
• Equity opportunity (stock options)
• 401K, comprehensive Health Care benefits
• Paid time off, Vacation
• Relocation/commuting assistance to the greater Johnson City, TN area (as needed)


Candidate Profile
Experience Base
Blue Chip OTC/Rx Company – CPG Brand Marketing with blue-chip, market-leading
OTC Drug company (e.g., J&J, Novartis, P&G, GSK, Bayer), with expertise in categories
like Skin Care, Women’s Health, Pediatric Health, etc. Additional experience managing a
Pharma (Rx) business would be ideal.
Innovation/NPD – Proven experience developing new products/services from an “end to
end” perspective (e.g., concept to market launch and activation). Understands the
importance of using a robust Stage Gate—or comparable—development process, using
Consumer Research, Insights, and Financial markers to make critical decisions along the
development path.
Complete Marketing Toolkit – Experience across the traditional Marketing mix, with
demonstrated results in Positioning, Brand Management, New Products/Innovation, PR,
Advertising and Media, Trade/Customer Marketing, Local Promotion and Events, etc.
Strong Digital Marketing (e.g., Display, Retargeting, SEO/SEM, EMM, Affiliate, Social,
Mobile) are also important to the role.
Professional Marketing – Experience Marketing OTC (or Rx) products to, or through,
Healthcare professionals, stimulating brand-specific endorsements, Rx’s, sample
distribution to patients, distribution of branded content and educational material, etc. This
list of Healthcare influencers includes physicians (ideally, Dermatologists, Pediatricians,
OB/GYN’s), nurses, and Pharmacists.
Functional Development – Experience hiring, training and developing a high-performing
team of young Marketing talent (and building a robust bench of agency and supplier
partners). Additionally, experience motivating and inspiring other functions, with the
“voice of the consumer,” creating a culture of commitment to delivering what the market
wants and needs, in a compelling way.

Skill Set
• Resourcefulness (knows how to stretch resources)
• Agility (able and willing to wear multiple hats, without hesitation)
• GM-Like (great Marketing skills, but thinks like a “GM”)
• Analytical and Strategic (but does not need piles of data to pull trigger)
• Influencing (proven ability to persuade others towards an idea or goal)
• Strong relationship management and interpersonal skills (high EQ)
• Communication (clear, frequent, candid, honest)

Personality Profile
• Commercial mentality; makes money
• Self-directed/motivated
• Flexible and adaptable
• Results orientation
• Sense of urgency
• Enthusiastic, energetic
• Strong work ethic
• Low ego/status needs
• High integrity and trustworthy
• Intellectually curious
• Comfortable in their own skin


Search Contact
David Wiser
Principal Partner – Cincinnati, OH Office
513.919.4000 (M)