VP of Marketing, Medical & Healthcare Vertical – Adtalem Global Education Inc.

The Role and Opportunity

With multi-institution leadership responsibilities, the Vice President of Marketing, Medical and Healthcare Vertical (VPM) is a unique opportunity for a marketing leader who aspires to become a corporate Chief Marketing Officer. The VPM reports directly to the Chief Marketing Officer of ATGE and works closely with leadership at each institution in the Medical and Healthcare Vertical to provide strategic leadership, drive change and achieve quantifiable business results. He/she influences organizational strategy, particularly as it relates to building each institution’s brand, managing reputation and enrollment performance. He/she is a thought leader who champions students, understands their needs and preferences, evaluates how well organizational resources are aligned to meet their needs and influences the institutions on how the organization can meet those needs. The executive is an inspirational leader and team builder with exceptional relationship and strategic influencing skills who is capable of achieving outstanding results in a matrix environment.

Candidate Profile

In terms of the performance and personal competencies required for the position, we would highlight the following:

Setting Strategy

  •  Exhibits a passion for growth and is a true advocate for change.
  •  Provides strategic leadership to the institutions of the vertical, ensuring the sharing and adoption of best practice and driving change.
  • Develops strategies to build brands, enhance the reputation of brands across the institutions from the vertical, and continuously evaluates the brand experience.
  • Seizes the future by anticipating market trends, creating new products and implementing new technology.
  • Brings sophistication and innovative ideas to digital technologies and social media channels; helps the organization build strong connections with its students, alumni and employers.
  • The ability to create and articulate an inspiring vision for the organization, not only for the areas s/he is directly responsible for, but the enterprise as a whole.
  • The inclination to seek and analyze data from a variety of sources to support decisions and to align others with the organization’s overall strategy.
  • An entrepreneurial and creative approach to developing new, innovative ideas that will stretch the organization and push the boundaries within the industry.
  • The ability to effectively balance the desire/need for broad change with an understanding of how much change the organization is capable of handling, to create realistic goals and implementation plans that are achievable and successful. Position Specification Ref: Vice President of Marketing, Medical and Healthcare Adtalem Global Education Inc. 4 of 6

Executing for Results

  • Understands the critical touch points throughout the student lifecycle. Helps the organization see its business processes through the student lens, and influences business process improvements.
  • Defines, builds the business case and acquires the advanced analytics capabilities to meet the Marketing functions’ needs across all institutions
  • Builds strong relationships with students/customers through the brand; creates, implements, manages and measures the brand experience.
  • Regularly assesses/measures marketing program outcomes and makes recommendations for improvement.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve marketing efficiency across the enterprise, better manage costs and achieve improved outcomes across all vendors and program.
  • Manages the innovation process and innovation teams. Provides the leadership to bring new ideas to market, including innovations in program/curriculum/product design, the service experience, or the use of channels.
  • The ability to set clear and challenging goals while committing the organization to improved performance; tenacious and accountable in driving results.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainly; the ability to adapt nimbly and lead others through complex situations.
  • A risk-taker who seeks data and input from others to foresee possible threats or unintended circumstances from decisions; someone who takes smart risks.
  • A leader who is viewed by others as having a high degree of integrity and forethought in his/her approach to making decisions; the ability to act in a transparent and consistent manner while always taking into account what is best for the organization.

Leading Teams

  • Supports Institution leaders in the selection and development of marketing talent.
  • The ability to attract and recruit top talent, motivate the team, delegate effectively, celebrate diversity within the team, and manage performance; widely viewed as a strong developer of others.
  • The ability to persevere in the face of challenges, and exhibit a steadfast resolve and relentless commitment to higher standards, which commands respect from followers.
  • A leader who is self-reflective and aware of his/her own limitations; leads by example and drives the organization’s performance with an attitude of continuous improvement by being open to feedback and self-improvement.

Relationships and Influence

  • Promotes collaboration across the enterprise and influences effectively across the organization, cross functionally, and geographically.
  • Builds marketing capabilities that meet the needs of the institutions. Regularly consults with the leaders of each institution to understand organizational strengths and weaknesses; recommends tools and processes needed to help bridge the gaps and drive consistent marketing practices and ideals across the enterprise. Position Specification Ref: Vice President of Marketing, Medical and Healthcare Adtalem Global Education Inc. 5 of 6
  • Naturally connects and builds strong relationships with others, demonstrating strong emotional intelligence and an ability to communicate clearly and persuasively.
  • An ability to inspire trust and followership in others through compelling influence, powerful charisma, passion in his/her beliefs, and active drive.
  • Encourages others to share the spotlight and visibly celebrates and supports the success of the team.
  • Creates a sense of purpose/meaning for the team that generates followership beyond his/her own personality and engages others to the greater purpose for the organization as a whole.


  • A demonstrated track record of creating the new and different. Generates new ideas, possesses vision and drives breakthrough thinking.
  • Builds relationships with key internal and external customers and understands how to navigate successfully in a matrix organization.
  • Adept at strategic influencing and partnering with internal customers to develop joint solutions and solve problems together.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in digital marketing.
  • Student champion; constantly seeks new ways to provide value for students.
  • Attacks problems with energy, uses data to drive decision-making and keeps a keen eye on the bottom line.
  • Demonstrates exceptional analytical skills and data-driven decision-making, but also has the instinct, experience and courage to act decisively with incomplete data.
  • Exceptional communicator/leader who can articulate a vision, align and motivate teams, drive collaboration and mobilize action.
  • Effective team builder; sets high performance standards and has a track record of building high performance teams.  Is a “talent magnet”. Attracts, develops and retains great talent.
  • Strong influencer; approaches colleagues across the enterprise in a collaborative way and builds energy and excitement for better meeting student needs.
  • Strong business and financial acumen.
  • 15 years of experience in high quality organizations with strong brands.
  • BS required; MBA is highly desirable. Position Specification Ref: Vice President of Marketing, Medical and Healthcare Adtalem Global Education Inc. 6 of 6 1804-002NA


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